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City folk and farmers Are genuinely ignorant When it comes to Dingoes Wild souls that have been On the rich red soul for years Up to say 5000 Long before the white man With his cattle and his fears Therefore … Continue reading

A gal in a barn

A gal in a barn With a sow resting there Wonderment obvious Just wondrous to share A snap of repose Of respect and true care This gal a real pal To the sow lying there Having been in gestation crates … Continue reading

Tracking and slavery

Who are the Kings of the Jungle The Lions Are you really joking once we Might have thought we were worthy Of such a title But now Man unkind seems to be The slave trading hunt tracker Carer Remote, detection … Continue reading

Universities make me sick

John Hopkins University And so many more besides Are inappropriate and wilful Behind closed doors oft hides Disrespect and mismanagement Irreverence there too Paltriness and meanness Doing what they do Owls these wise wild nocturnal souls Captured and portrayed As … Continue reading


Man unkind works in arrogant ways And Wild life suffers so But man unkind will suffer Its just most do not know Their selfishness and sinfulness And insincerity At allowing ranches and cattle Space where the wild ones used to … Continue reading

Canada Goose

What a wicked brand of arrogance Within the heart of man Who Markets their apparel and truthfully they plan To actually give the impression That collecting down and fur Is eminently ethical Not an idea that I concur Down comes … Continue reading

Sea Shepherd v the Poachers

The lunacy of poachers Their wickedness and sin From China and the EU To Africa to win Themselves a bunch of Precious local fish Sharks whales and more Squalene oil and fins Just stolen Really it is war Gabon and … Continue reading

The dandelion

Thoughtfulness And lateral thinking Comes to mind when we Watch a baby gorilla Pick up and flower And be Fascinated with its form Its colour and its scent Perhaps a spot of daydreaming He clearly is content A kind of … Continue reading


How I wish they could live free Born yes Thanks to you Too many souls have been gunned down Or are captive in the zoo You maam are the saintly one Respected yes of course Born free Too many Lions … Continue reading

Pangolins or the scaly anteater

Its been a year Since China took the Pangolin off the list And thus gave them an actual chance to once again To exist And for poachers to desist From trapping them from catching them And removing their scales The … Continue reading

Innocence suffers (or they pull the wool over your eyes)

For farmers to take innocence And the unfallen state And torture and defile lambs Who distastefully create Pure criminality When slicing off their tails All done with a hit knife Honestly it pales Into illegality Its an outrageous sin A … Continue reading

Mountain Gorillas

We have to go all out to save the Gorillas for they are Really up against it of course they do star Up there in the mountainous regions Of the DRC High up where its colder But where they like … Continue reading

Zimbabwe Sebungwe region and the lake Elephants

The courage thats displayed from Those who fight the poaching gangs The BUMI Hills Unit A lot now really hangs On this team and their know how Up against vile poachers who Murder the lake Elephants For that is what … Continue reading

Reptiles deserve better

Exotic skin A retail tag Murdering reptiles To make a bag Shoes a belt Luxury For sicko humans Who expectantly Give credence to the hunters who Trap and kill reptiles Its true Gifted souls with armour they Are abusing wildlife … Continue reading

Dr Vernon

It just isn’t fair The old man in the chair Not monetised Just in the know A doctor of age Knowledge off the page Truths Dr Vernon does share His integrity Outshines all of the rest He tells it like … Continue reading

Stone henge

A world heritage Neolithic site In the whole wide world the only one And its just down to some Minister That itself does stun The average soul I have to say What we do have here Has so much reverence … Continue reading

Blooding so called

Sophistry and mockery Abusing innocent souls In the course of training Greyhounds these exceptionally sad trolls Out there using live baits Kittens and cats For me Murdering the innocent Is criminality Blooding, The politicians Know this heinous crime And just … Continue reading

Respect the Zebra’s

Africa think carefully The Zebra And theres three The one I speak of here today Is the true Grevy Named after the President Long ago from France By a man called Ostalot Who clearly took the chance To love and … Continue reading

Ecuador is magical

Throats of fire Volcanoes higher Snow capped mountains Ecuador Beauty enlists The wispy mists And We know what its all for Such passion for the visitors Skies of purple hue Paychwork farmland Beautiful people I always think kindly of you … Continue reading

Ecuador and gold fever

The Shuar are a proud people Warriors who Have always been able And clearly are true To their culture Their history And they now see Their environment Suffering Substantially The jungles are dense An emerald flush Trees every which way … Continue reading

Tarkine 4

The Tarkine Its bigger than Sydney A wealth of a wilderness where Life we know about lockdowns And the realization thats there What its like to just be out in Nature In The light and the colours we see The … Continue reading

Duck Shooting in the land of OZ

For flagrancy and shamelessness The Australian shooter he Gets out in the wet lands And thinks that he can be Just king of the castle Pointed at the sky His thrown out chest and swagger And his prowess I defy … Continue reading

Tarkine 3

This area of wilderness Of woodlands wetlands we See and feel its paradise Its where we want to be Its beautiful and natural Great skies and rivers run Packed with many animals Who all soak up the sun I want … Continue reading

Gold fever

The presumption of gold in them hills Panning fast A fever is spreading One that may last Attracting the miners The diggers to come With their chemical clouds And Boy they have some Move into the villages In Ecuador Where … Continue reading

The Tarkine2

The Merino Sheep Farmers Had whispered the message The awful destruction The brutal ordeal A stench of disruption Of the immortal and giving So vital to life force And everything living So much symbiosis The survival of all The distress … Continue reading

Ecuador and the gold hunters

Prospecting for gold Where eternity sold Its soul from the earth We now hear And indestructible force Direct from the source The rainforests too They will clear Panning for gold So many now sold On the thought of the riches … Continue reading

The Tarkine

How thoughtlessly annihilate The wilderness of souls The aboriginal custodians How history controls Our very life the air we breathe The land we walk upon The Tarkiners for 40000 years They had not gone A realness and actuality An enduring … Continue reading

Mark Parker

The foothills of the Eastern Pennines The spine of England its been said Santander a Spanish Bank In Nelson Street its App bright red One particular gentleman Mark Parker thats his name A cheerful helpful more caring soul Thats him … Continue reading

Diane Sable

Deleting e mails Whatever for The buildup was massive More than before with my swollen fingers One hundred an hour A remarkable stint Just think of the now The essence the spirit Expressive and pointed Sometimes I wished That I … Continue reading


The magnificent Andes Marvels of time Snow topped and hopeful That someone may climb Known as New World Vultures Sadly you see Its the quechua respect As to how we fly free We are the Condors ten feet of wing … Continue reading