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Oil palm profits where prophets seemingly were scarce

arrogance and ignorance like cancer everywhere rainforests and jungles That The Natural World did share absolutely balanced created perpetuity all the fundamentals in place existence essentially   perfect fresh and new hooked up symbiosis a union thats true cohesion and … Continue reading

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Wilbur Earl Tannent and Rob Bilott and the Dupont case

A farmer of consequence Once lived with raptures Content in his being Beholding to time Is cows were his buddies That fed from his hands All his emotion In his best laid plans His family were gently folk Hardworking caring … Continue reading

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Senators and congressman Across America say That anyone boycotting Israel We shall have to put away They Say that it is a federal crime Something we cannot allow Despite the settlements all about Really this is how Their disinclination to … Continue reading

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The everyday names

All the big stores carry brand names you know Who employ the technicians that torture us so We are the animals rabbits and mice Guinea pigs chickens they roll the dice We all had families we lived our life Then … Continue reading

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