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Hunting for that beloved trophy

Hunting for that beloved trophy A business that attracts those who Are taken in by the philanthropic Fiction Rewarding what they do Bushmeat its the locals who Are rewarded for the work they do The hunters with their where for … Continue reading

Lock down and its affect on a person of the forest

The Orangutan An ape of magnitude and awe A swinger and a bringer A jungle man of war Who faces up to zoo keepers The lowest of the low The snarling rotten tight arsed Creeps Who just wishes he could … Continue reading

German zoo in KREFELD near the Dutch border

No extra protection Poor judgement if you ask me A zoo providing life and safety For primates under lock and key Gorillas and orangutans chimpanzees and Marmosets Birds and bats All perished in a fire And honestly the bets The … Continue reading


Inherited characteristics That mindful chemistry The Orangutan its innermost True heredity Are Doomed it seems For it happens that Palm oil is the way Plantations are more lucrative That is what they say Allowed the space Allowed the run To … Continue reading

A zoo in Krasnodar UKRAINE

Wrongness you can feel it One glance and you can see Unfitting and improper Inexcusability Wrongheadedness personified Callous heartless they 2 Orangutans together In this prison everyday. It is a glass enclosure And uncomfortable it be They are clearly bored … Continue reading

Monkey huddle

Our gatherings are increasing Victims everywhere The trees are being logged away Our life is now despair Collectively we are suffering Slash and burn is here Change and alteration As great swathes of life They clear So many repercussions We … Continue reading


Deliberately injuring Beautiful primates The glorious red apes The orangutan Certifiability Amongst common people You meet in the street Delusional fools Who can pick up an air gun And fire at a primate Sitting with her baby Such action appals … Continue reading

Baby formula and nappies

The selfishness Self seeking young Russian traveller In Indonesia found out that he Was breaking the law drugging an Orangutan And Now in his luggage The animal be Drugged up to the eyeballs on allergy meds Packets of nappies for … Continue reading

Life and the red ape

The very existence The created realness The essential nature Of all things we know Attested and genuine Concrete and tangible We have this quality As we all grow In the wilds Of the forest Instinctively programmed Inherent in all of … Continue reading

Steve Irwin and the red ape mother

The late Steve Irwin was driven His confidence to see And be a true blue earthling Respect and ofcourse a guiltlessness An irreproachability The mother sought compassion She felt his tender heart Which Clearly moved him you could hear him … Continue reading

Dr Birute

The worlds true primate angel A scholar of the wild Clearly her enlightenment Begun as a child Her grasp and her awareness A perception of the great Acquaintanceship with the red apes And there can be no debate This women … Continue reading

The Orangutans lament

These noble souls their suffering Is greater than the need To profit from the palm oil Planted for the greed That extends across Malaysia And Indonesia too The magnates with their mansions And their hearts badly askew Tearing great magical … Continue reading

Palm oil

We really have to now avoid This rotten pal oil, it Is ruining the forests And hobestly isnt fit For any kind of purpose Apart from banksters who Care nothing about the environment Nor the animals, they woo Corporates and … Continue reading

The orangutans last stand

This was our arena Our rainforest our place Every single tree we knew And we have felt the pace Quickening once silence ruled And now all that we hear Is crashing logging and razing to the ground Those trees most … Continue reading

The Red Ape

Borneo and Sumatra Two islands in the sea The only place on earth infact Where Orangutans now be One wonders really how long for For we the arrogant fools We the ignorant idiots Whose behaviour just appals Being wild and … Continue reading

A Wild life smuggler’s story

Some of the rich and some politicians And People in the know People who think they have made it Who have a big ego Whose mindfulness is zero Whose arrogance is high Who think because they have money They can … Continue reading

Leif Cocks and his jungle school

Zoo’s though there are many And associations too Wildness and real freedom Is what is good and true And Leif Cocks and his Jungle School And his heartfelt caring way Is picking up these victims Of palm oil and dismay … Continue reading

Sick zoo’s in Thailand

The continued artlessness And unworldly bias Is conflating zoology Now with a way Of increasing profit With recourse to care And abusing the animals Resident there Great apes Orangutans Persons of the forest Arboreal apes Who live in tHe trees … Continue reading


No retail shop or wholesaler Has any right to sell Live animals not ever Such slavery is HELL Punishment for life itself Their day of judgement ours Castigatory and vindictiveness None possess these powers And many of them slaughter Animals … Continue reading

Borneo and the red apes

The wider corporatocracy Its about their balance sheets Eco isnt how they earn Its about the elites The WWF and the hunters And those who stand to make more money Which the corporatocracy do With an insatiable desire For palm … Continue reading

We are all its victims somewhere down the line

The unscrupulousness and opportunism Of the ape smugglers who use The vile palm oil destruction And tragically refuse To realise their artfulness Their crookedness their shame For getting mixed up in illicit wildlife As if it was a game Ofcourse … Continue reading

Rescued or are they?

Their expectation was a future together Instead we see consequence which has descended Not from good judgement for no one’s defended THe incalculable loss As habitats ended Rainforests brimming with life just torn down Great reference libraries all seen to … Continue reading

Your zoo is a prison cell thats all

Evidence of intuition Demonstrating our frustration Our doubtfulness and obscurity Of the human beings reasons to Leave us in these vile enclosures We are not goldfish and what we do Is suspend our judgement for our dilemma Really our fallibility … Continue reading

Bush meat what it is and what we can do about it

Its everywhere The hunt is on 1 billion dollars around the world Perhaps 5 million tonnes per year Wild animals it seems appear On the table Its got to be A vile exposure actually Elephants Gorillas the Chimpanzee All kinds … Continue reading


My name denotes My meaning A person of the forest And sitting here on concrete floors With concrete walls I feel Really how absurd it is What is in fact ineptitude The forest was so vibrant And here things are … Continue reading


Poor little soul A rainforest mite They chopped off his fingers And that was in spite Of him remonstrating And of course living there Corporate Palm oil Its now everywhere Pull down the forests Go slash and burn Increase the … Continue reading


Accusations are not helping Opal alas Captivity she will find is a morass Zookeepers go on about it let me say She may have been born there But that isn’t the way Her rainforest mind works She’s designed to be … Continue reading

A lonely soul

I was a being All seeing I thought An arborial master Few could climb faster Evolution had set me Goals to be scored I was immortal And not overawed And so excited And never bored Then came the palm oil … Continue reading

Dr. Singleton and his wonderful team

Oil for ape/tiger scandal Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Vegans especially do not buy into The corporate greenwash about the environment The animals and their conflicts re profit Many deal with illegal loggers and Malaysia and Indonesia are being ravaged by them Thousands of … Continue reading

Orangutans and the palm oil

We live up in the canopy To fly is our embrace Through the viridescent light Up there we stay the pace Married to forever On our creeper swings Through the emerald forest That paradise just brings The loggers came with … Continue reading