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Pounced on with violence and  unutterable sin for good measure given no choice he was in pillaged her treasures and her purity ravished and left her in purgatory threatened and injured Her clothes ripped and torn The worst kind of … Continue reading

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Snail trails

Hansel  and Gretel and breadcrumbs snails and their silvery trails much of it communication a glue and a lubricant fails   under the sun a reminder from whence they  came from to where tiny neon arrows with dancing light hygroscopic … Continue reading

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Blood Lions

South African Farmers once many grew fruits in the sunshine but sadly their  view of food for the people and export abroad disregarded their earnings it felt like t no reward they moved onto Lions harvesting Lions petting the cubs … Continue reading

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The geneticists looked sheepishly when asked what had they done alone in their laboratories hidden from the sun they had worked like maggots in their darkness they did creep emerging from their twilight world with a perfect grown up sheep … Continue reading

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chemicals are everywhere on everything we touch even the art of breathing of washing of cleaning theres so very much toxicity around us in everything we do some 200 in our body fat this Dear friends is true in fragrances … Continue reading

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Cattle deserve better written 5th Oct 1996

If thirty per cent  of what we feed to cattle Is corrugated cardboard and we can supplement their calcium with kiln ash and feed the flesh of cows in fact  to man chicken waste fulfils some extra protein if this … Continue reading

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Bulgarian mink

rusty dirty full of cobwebs cages inside we see minks  adversely treated as frightened as can be underfed and with gaping wounds a continual struggle, they are beingbtortured being harmed every single day their skin will make fur coats of … Continue reading

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Can we have our say now

its a really crazy mixed up world human beings, they look after us  and some do they just blow us away with making our lives wonderful but some alas they are just the bloody opposite they honestly are far   … Continue reading

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Safety net

A safety net for animals mistreated souls who  have been taken in and cruelly treated and end up really lean skin and bone all beaten call the RSPCA a safety curtain coming down not always so they say   animals … Continue reading

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We each give out vibrations picked up of course by those plants and  other sensitives and so awareness grows mentality and understanding consciousness and powers of thought the inner child  the inner mind speculatively  sought the enquirers  mind is seeking … Continue reading

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Psychic gardening

psychic gardening has to be the truly honest way the realisation that plants can feel and possibly do play seeing perhaps much more than us and realise their worth the esoteric loving game with good old mother earth.

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abusing wild animals should be criminal but industry apparently can claim exemption which is vile in every detail despite the many reasons is insane   venture capital Berkely test on  monkeys using their painkillers out of date its extraordinary that … Continue reading

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Millions  of Mothers who is  to blame riddled with agony they became lame mothers that cry mothers that weep mothers who love  calves but their lives were so cheap dragged to the slaughterhouse crippled they be halal was the  cry … Continue reading

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Bury council wake up and smell the roses

from rex tyler advanced Diploma work based learning studies Environmental Management   i hear that Bury Council are spraying and applying unknown chemical substances On  wild plants that  are dying really exceptionally nasty compounds affect breathing too and owners of … Continue reading

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flowers whose sweetness Is contained an innocence that doth begin the Bunble Bee comes closer to an ardent admirer in a spin   round and a round his wings afire such dutifulness he may never tire collecting the nectar unworldly … Continue reading

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Blue bells

Amethyst and Heliotrope thoughts of  pure profundity magickal mists lift skywards into a faery syphony   music it comes from everywhere down from the sky into the air   dryads leap each faery ring wood bells  faery flowers that bring … Continue reading

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the air and the ether a softness prepared for the wind from the sky it feels indestructible hangs there a waiting indicative really of trying to fly twisting and turning it is concerning Unfolding unfurling and ending up curling ,clusters … Continue reading

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Poor old tree

the trunk was hacked off by the crazy builders and i asked for it i just lthought That I would stand it in the sunshine in my garden to watch and to see the life force which is why   … Continue reading

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Mr Glickman

I think its true to say it takes great courage but courage its as personal to all the wider issue Here is one for others there isn’t any magic golden rule.   that sets out all the reasoning behind things … Continue reading

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A swathe of pink emotions

the sun is disappearing the cherry blossom creaming white the flowers beseeching rocking reaching onto a more gentle flight peering at the sunset a fluffy soft affair swollen by the Springtime aura’s that all the blossoms share , A magpie … Continue reading

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White Spring Water

White Spring Water from Glastonbury and the Chalice Red, as well Its temperature is sparklingly clear delivered by a spell From ancient roots and wholeness from Mother Nature’s core A   vital celebration in sight of the TOR   A … Continue reading

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Moles crying

Have you ever seen a more pitiful sight Than the Rollright moles and their terrible plight who watched the labyrinth torn apart right before their eyes they saw the bags of special seed back breaking work at play they saw … Continue reading

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Coppery tresses

My Beech is clothed in copper tresses gorgeous dresses she possesses   fluttering an intensity each leaf  a miracle for me cinnammon all  dashed with crimson a blush a flush and well away eye candy for  dendrologists whose omnipresence makes … Continue reading

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The power of Life force

Builders in the house next door have been destroying now for weeks a mature garden torn to pieces every day it speaks out to those transgressors but nobody can hear dried stalks hanging off the ground it is really clear … Continue reading

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Coppery magick

a miracle on the Copper Beech Leaves they just appeared a beautiful light copper soft and Summery tears the first few weeks quite tasty in salads easy too the  best is lunch or dinner its, what foragers do with some … Continue reading

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looking old for this  world ancient, its true My bold ribs Protuding it is they do A stature what has become Of a ,true feline acumen profound this is my sign encyclopaedic  alive to the way the body its  beaten … Continue reading

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Bua Noi

A gorilla’s life with his soul mates in the Congo tends to be happy and contented they love their family whereas human beings dealing in wild life really they are pond sucking scum bags they pass their time each day … Continue reading

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violife a vegan brand from Greece but Upfield though were bought by Unilever pharmaceuticals, and we know And realise the animals get an awful deal animal testing happens this we must reveal violife is not for me Dead flesh is … Continue reading

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Dead flesh purveyors

thoughts were absent it appears the dead flesh rots too soon the so called vegan alternatives play an impressive  tune   Dressed up in vegetation pea protein and old soy mashed together with salt as such made to bring you … Continue reading

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Mot and service

i received a letter about my car i am 79 And I don’t feel a star my car is three next year four but its got service dates i must not  ignore   the car is a baby compared to … Continue reading

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