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Iberian lynx

Prey animals and predators Are what Nature’s about Its balance its all worked out Infact there is no doubt Man is bloody arrogant To clever yes by far He also fucks up always He is definately no star Hunters talk … Continue reading

The story of the table grapes

A cock crows Its the semblance of a reality That was Where human shadows gather In the great land of the dust Waiting there or getting On the try Thats there to bust The spirit and the vigour The responsiveness … Continue reading


Such tiny cages Screaming laments Total frustration Many atttempts Blue gloved technicians Come to be there Taxpayer funded Though few are aware The sedated mother Lifeless she lays Head on one side Some awful malaise Set full of grief Drugged … Continue reading


Existence was a giveness That was until TAIJI A little town on the west coast Of Japan Where we now be We felt we were immortal In our ocean paradise In pods our extended family Then someone rolled the dice … Continue reading

An intelligence of sorts. (Bruce Ciz)

Musing on a sheet of glass The image of such clarity Before my eyes a window to a world That just so many see Simulating life and death A parallel lets say When considering the red blooded souls Who faithfully … Continue reading

The futility of man

I looked at that picture And what did I see Bodies just lying there Bloodied, they be Clearly all murdered By someone and they Were clearly with their sons On their judgement day Judgement what was that Who made that … Continue reading

It was very cold

Clearly, it was cold and as draughty as hell a possum was  sitting so I hear tell near a vent in the garden and the heat from that thing, was melting the snow and such comfort did bring to that … Continue reading

Humanity is no more

The ugliness and grotesque stands before me the savageness that man can now  create the vilest wish to tear up every scruple he ever relished and to now debate to the abyss he now  shovels his accumulated shit the sordidness … Continue reading

Man unkind Graphic accounts of animal torture

The one face that will haunt you now forever that dying Raccoon dog without its fur ripped away to expose its bloodied structure egregious torture thats where you were and for that it had to pay a price so high … Continue reading