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Don’t ride animals ever

They were thinking liberation Of themselves whilst subjugating The tired exhausted camels Simply they were rating Their ignorance and arrogance The oppression they were giving The disadvantaged camel tribe Restrained from actually living Prisoners all captured detainees We might say … Continue reading

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Kiska oh lonely one

Corporate theme parks Have a lot of  money their arrogance is frightful I can say orca’s have much freedom in the ocean its pitiable really in fact the corporations subjugate wild creatures imprison them for crimes They have not  done … Continue reading

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Another Thursday shower

A gray sock sky and the sun on high a golden ball so bright daffodils with enormous chills and the Beech tree  looking bright snow pouring down an April Shower that  melted straight away hit the deck with sloppy check … Continue reading

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Harp and Gray Seals

Fisherman have one thing on  their minds and that is  Fish scooping up the oceans wealth that plethora their wish to be the boat that catches the most fish everyday the forget the fish are under threat And honestly do … Continue reading

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Moose knuckles

What a name to call a business the knuckles of a Moose I wonder what they  deal in down ah yea a goose wild foxes  in cages what arrogance is that foxes are wild animals we know where they are … Continue reading

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Arctic heroes

Alabaster and marble a chalky design Coupled with cold winds where many souls dine On other souls living and trying to hide Camouflaged somewhere but they are denied Their lives little Lemmings scurry about Under the snow where their dreams … Continue reading

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