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Calves and Rodeo

The mindlessness of the unsound The wanting moronic who Go about as cowboys And to rodeos they do Inanity and thoughtlessness A topic of their day Unseeing eyes And tunnel vision It all gets in the way Apathetic unaware Preoccupied … Continue reading

Antemocracy (formic intelligence)

When Tyrannosaurus stalked The earth after blood and guts The tiny ant was watching Walking in his ruts Trillions of them marching Really to their own tune Invested with such intelligence Seemingly immune Because they work together United all for … Continue reading

Wood ants of the jura and their ability to make ANTibiotics

Material existence The fundamental show Under the sun the living god The so enduring glow They seem indestructible Subsisting as they do Essentially one great big family Tangible and true A colony of wood ants The thought of war and … Continue reading

Grass cutter ants of Argentina

Argentina’s pampas great grasslands of old Thousandsand thousands of miles wide On its spirit most are sold The tiniest soul lives and struggles For they Are the tiny grass cutting ants All working away Such immense vitality All their true … Continue reading

The Ant State

Effective and efficient Their potency is power A driving force of dominance A vigourousness for now Their energy atomic Athletic through and through They are a secret society And reign supreme they do Their overwhelming message Incontestable regard Aliens for … Continue reading