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“HAppy heart” or SOOK JAI

Equivalent to 370 years Hard labour imagine that pain Torn from the forest Given phajan Such severity and such disdain A matriarch in the true sense of words Caught up in the rigour and strife Such persecution and pitilessness And … Continue reading

From liberation to subjection and into restraint

LIberty matters Freedom of action To be given immunity The satisfaction Manoeuvrability Its what life is for It is our culture Somthing we adore To just have that space In the ocean of blue A free fin to swim Where … Continue reading


Rodeo is a Spanish Concept Which influenced the US their Stock Farms were required by law From 1851 to share A rodeo of sorts within the limits Of their place It was William F Cody himself Who in North platte … Continue reading


The Rowan is a faerie tree An ancient sacred soul Its seems it originated From ambrosia the goal Of the goddess Hebe In Her magickal chalice She Lost a cup to the demons And charged her eagle To get it … Continue reading

Anon the tree of life

Getting together Slowly over time A gathering we Formed a grove of deciduous friends A forest for the free Expression of the lot of us A community let’s say Incorporating dwarf and tall In a truely natural way Each one … Continue reading

Hawthorn diviner of water

A thorny disposition An attitude of mind A phenomenal creation Where lovers might unwind A quintessential hedge of Such significance for all A provider of such wealth For feral souls when they Do call Thankful to its feathered friends For … Continue reading


Eternity perpetuity Who knows how long it all will be Those standing stones Above whose bones The soldiers who once free Stood with their king About to bring Credence to Their cause When a witch came by And with a … Continue reading


NEw Zealand of all places Don their cowboy attire And sacrifice our sanity In aggressive acts so dire On calves on bulls on horses The running roping acts And causing really bad distress And for sure they are the facts … Continue reading

BO and BETTY and the circus

Pachyderms were never meant to climb On tiny stools Circus is an evil place Where an audience of fools Imagines that wild elephants Would leave their asian home To be chained up in a trailer And not be allowed to … Continue reading


Creation its causation Its motivation for The miracle of yes the wolf Not a moment more Should be devoted to a reason To murder and to maim A true italian hero The wild wolf yes by name There are many … Continue reading

WIllow wonderment

From a twig a simple twig I fell to earth And I could feel The life force It excited me That I could be A Willow Tree In essence absolutely Tangible was I The sap drawn from the River’s edge … Continue reading

The beginnings of a romance with life

a carpet of creativeness Inventiveness Such innovation Faeries with their bonnets glowing Sylph like souls Unique self sowing Welcoming the sunlight Life giver of the whole Extracting subtle colours With a rareness and a role A mouthful of nectar For … Continue reading


We can bang on our drums We can pray to the sky We can talk up our treaties As the embers fly We can stand at the gate of our land And proclaim That we dont want the black snake … Continue reading

Forestra (the players in the orchestra of the forest)

Realness and reality Undeniable fact The fundamental life force And how we all react To the individuality The substance and the sum The enduring the immortal What is a rule of thumb The ballet of the forest All the players … Continue reading

The river doesn’t want the black snake under it

Since Trump came in And signed up on Dakota Pipe line,he Saw their stock rise by 7 a 1/2 per cent And did agree There was a time he held a lot Up to a million but He divested himself … Continue reading

Executive Orders

The executive order Was signed yesterday No communication Just this is the day I am the leader What I say goes And ETP reckon Now that it shows THat I mean business The pipe line must be Fully operational Fracked … Continue reading

Dakota Pipeline just north of Hell

Trump its there And signs Away Treaty land Yes they can pay BISMARCK took objection to The routing lines So what they did do Was took it closer To the reservation The sioux wont mind Its near their station The … Continue reading

Hiding in the sand

I have an answer for TAIJI For the poacher men who get into the sea Lets go and find some BOBBIT WORMS Its the monster that bites and squirms Lives in the sea bed and pokes its snout Out to … Continue reading

Undertakings must be made

In breeding is a crime against humanity Its evil strangely injurious and wrong Creating the white tiger Leucism pigmentation problems and aadness All along In the wild a tiger must be orange Camouflage allows attAck to be Possible its how … Continue reading

The black snake cometh and we goeth

Razor wire And robocops Thats the life thats guaranteed The planet reeling From the oil The coal The fracking YES Indeed The thugs The Dapla security Paid with dirty oil money AMerica land of the free Oil pipes leaking Constantly … Continue reading

The attic

The attic offers comfort To mouse mummy for she knows She is heavily pregnant And daily now she grows She has urgently to build a nest Warm and safe for she Will have her babies very soon And needs must … Continue reading


An innovative and adventurous Bird is often around about On the rocks in Dorset Crashing waves that shout Loudly throwing salty waves Climbing to a height The wave flow is chaotic So birds have got to fight For food along … Continue reading

A neolithic Chat up line

Seven ontillon of atoms Hydrogen i hear I am made of ancuent stars And cosmic rays My dear You have equal Substance We are compatible then It has always felt nice To see you Really since way back When.

Billy barr snow man

GOthic Colorado An old mining place And he is the only inhabitant And that is by Gods grace He moved some 4o years ago From Trention so they say And lives in this old cottage He helped to build That … Continue reading

5 Rescue dogs and a horse

Owning land in Spain can get one Into true hot water A lady with a rescue centre Found that to be true Told shunters to keep off her land Or she would have to fine them Clearly got their backs … Continue reading

The Bandits of Taiji

4 days its been And still some of the victims Languish, they Have been in the sea pens all this time unfed What can one say? Stolen from Each other All the relatives they knew Their children And the juveniles … Continue reading

I lost my sweet baby today in Taiji

We watched a mother lose Her baby To the hands of those who thought Just because we can We shall For us yea we can sport A little bit of thoughtlessness By splitting up this pair Consigning the mother To … Continue reading

CAPTIVITY Artificial non intelligence

Prisoners Lifers Stolen souls From ocean to bath tub And those controls No depths to speak of No distance there Chlorinated Starved I dare The CEo, come clean and say The whales and dolphins Are the one’s who pay Lifeless … Continue reading


The japanese have studied The feline race and feel A really close affinity Which they cannot conceal Their ancestors were certain Of their true worth to the soul Clearly bewitched by them And passing on their role Of freeing up … Continue reading

Aoshima ehime prefecture cat island

One of a dozen islands Around Japan today Where cats outnumber people In relation to the way ZEn saw cats as endearing With a freedom to endow Privileged and prosperous Each living in the now 0nly 15 humans live there … Continue reading