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A waterside property

A unique detached dwelling A real outlandish roost Near the water in the sunlight Gives the eggs a boost With all the crap from human beings Might as well create A pad that’s unlike others And just might start a … Continue reading

Hopes and dreams and genocide

Below the lowest of poverty lines And families all destroyed by war The monetary system dismantled A country that lost all its law Genocide ravaged the whole population At least twenty five per cent killed Pol Pot saw to complete … Continue reading

A gory tory story

We cant have homeless people Littering the street Thats the tory mantra And its far far from discreet Windsor a royal borough With the castle and we hear Harry and his lady Supposing they appear With all their vast huge … Continue reading

The Robin Hood Army

The Robin Hood army Fighting wastage they Came up with a great idea Where volunteers each day Give their time and energy Give their love and care It’s an enlightening prospect To recycle and to share The waste from local … Continue reading


It happens to you Or someone you know They become homeless Not in the flow They had had expectations But then suddenly The world fell in on them The uncertainty Of Life took a turn For the worse and we … Continue reading