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the death of a wild pig

men robotic slobs who believe its right to catch wild pigs and try to retrieve some semblance of sanity when they themselves are as violent and wretched their beastliness delved their grossness their nastiness malefic and dire holding the pig … Continue reading

4 photographs from Paul Watson

The Faroese how they did seize the opportunity to manually dispatch each whale with such ferocity   a barrel gutted woollen jumpered upstart so full clad giving it some welly which looks and is real bad     this is … Continue reading

We are the Dolphin Warriors

We are the Dolphin people we are the true front row where ever the banging pipes of war sound that is where we go   we are the Taiji warriors the embassy is our place we get outside there several … Continue reading


The secret life of a snuffler won’t ruffle her feathers today for a snuffler is a lady who loves animals, they say not loves them like some people but truthfully reveals a tendency to smother them and I kn ow … Continue reading

The butchers of Taiji

We stand in line with tears in our eyes megaphones blazing gas horns surprise waking the dead that’s what its about the Dolphin’s in Taiji too, I don’t doubt if we shout loud enough maybe, they will hear and keep … Continue reading

human larcenists of furs for their personal vanity

the insentience and numbness is prevalent today in a group of selfish people who make so many pay the lethargy of being the nonchalance they feel cold hearted and unseeing impassively unreal unemotional and insensate shameless to a tee impervious … Continue reading

The grind the evils of the Faroes

  There is nothing fair about the Faroe’s the islands of the damned violence it breeds violence there inhumanity slammed   a turmoil in the making severity at the helm barbarians and butchers that clearly overwhelm   eruptive their behaviour … Continue reading

2000 the Quota this season

2000 souls are designated to be killed this year it all kicks off in Seprember oe so it would appear 2000 god knows how many pods will be slaughtered out of hand mothers, fathers sisters, brothers cant they understand? slaughtered … Continue reading

Compassion they have none of it

Compassion doesn’t feature in their life it seems farmers are a greedy bunch and they breach the mother calf barrier regularly so the baby and the mother have to pay a price that Nature never thought was possible the milk … Continue reading

Taiji scumbags

They do what they do in front of us all where our cameras are pointed and all can recall   the families of dolphins butchered with ease where pithing goes on under tarps if you please   these vile and … Continue reading


The world really has got to look at all its morals its use of animal brothels, is to me as vile as  any clearly it is loathsome and abhorrent and as odious as it could ever be the frustration  of … Continue reading

Stop the Dolphin Slaughter

Converging on the embassy those of us who try to get home to the Japanese Dolphins need not die   this pithing murdering torture the fishermen put them through bloodying up the cove of joy as nobody ought to   … Continue reading

Ignorance in this case is never bliss

A mother has responsibilities towards her child and to hear she fed her daughter on tape worm eggs defiled every ounce of reasoning every single thought she wanted to get her thinner a conspirator of sort duped her into thinking … Continue reading

Its written in the stars

a reformed constellation is located in the sky its shape is of a dolphin its terrestial and why a sublunary sphere of consciousness a star cluster that shows Pisces in a clearer form with a distinctly dolphin nose empyreal geocentric … Continue reading

The auction houses and the workers

It happened in America of all places we saw animals when being sold subjected to much more cruelty and lack of understanding for the way they happened to be treated and be made to pay   its like a war … Continue reading

The sins of the fathers

Taiji has undervalued the infectiousness of those Dolphins who swim close to them in the light I do suppose they are blinded by the vision and belittle all they see discovering the obvious serendipity their prejudice colossal misreckoning we see … Continue reading

Taiji a place for the children to swim and play

The cove of death breathes constant breath up till september time when the children play in the torture bay in Taiji where dolphins climb   up in the air over the nets under the tarps they ply trapped in their … Continue reading

In the embers

in the embers of a bygone age one remembers the ash that was once as tall as the house I lived in but was torn down in a flash the frackers took their energy and forced our town to be … Continue reading

getting to grips with the Taiji fisherman’s lack of emotional candour

a spitefulness a vindictiveness an intolerance to  life dolphins in their family pods cushioned from the strife but frightened into breaking ranks and swimming to Taiji by the  unconsoling callous hearts of the fisherfolk who be   waiting for the … Continue reading

The Dairy farmers forget the natural order of motherhood forgoing that process for profit

The corporate way of earning a crust it seems to me is going against Nature and that just cannot be its wrong and man does suffer for what he does is wrong stealing the milk from the baby calves he’s … Continue reading


  Autumns coming the harvest season the first grains of the harvest its the reason bless them grind them and make the bread harvest the crops for we are led where the craftsmen work so the farmers said loaf mass … Continue reading

Litha ( written for the project dedicated to Luca Ferri a year in his life)

regrowth and harvest about half way Beltaine and Lammas some might say God and the Goddess their energy combined entwined for there it be love and beauty passion too marvellous light just shining through fertility the garlands worn of elderflower … Continue reading

The White Spring

I heard that Dion Fortune once sat above the spring in a tiny chalet and looking up did bring the magical experience she felt down to this earth and below her was the white spring and the feeling of great … Continue reading

Premier Inn Glastonbury

They talk about location but let me say to you staff are so important in everything we do and for this hotel in Glastonbury its instantly the thing all the staff are wonderful and to everyone they bring a confidence … Continue reading

100 Monkeys

A little bit of Heaven for vegans everywhere its spacious yet its calming its cool just grap a chair select from off the menu as expectations rise tasty wholesome lovely food appears before your eyes   subtle aromatics genuine desire … Continue reading

Captured from the Nikolaya Gulf in Russia

Through subliminal manifestations am able to bring to the world of the human a message the thing that bothers us really is capture is wrong its is peevish and tragic and has been all along terrible trauma for Orca’s for … Continue reading

Anipals( they are everywhere quietly and noisily doing their thing) dedicated to my friends and to Sharon who gave me the idea

Anipals use courage and a lot of hope they try hard to stay positive despite each slippery slope lots of expectation and a deal of support petitions signed and poems penned and lots of lovely thought   auspicious in so … Continue reading

Ice cream freezers in Gaza

To take one’s wrath out on the young really Israel you are among those devils who smile and exclaim that whatever you do you are not to blame truthfully what I have seen with your US backed war machine is … Continue reading

Palm oil and us the orangutans

Everything has palm oil in it do you really care do you check the labels are you now aware   look at us they’ve captured us we’re all tied up in knots we’re arborial apes you know and a bunch … Continue reading

a lack of respect

a lack of understanding is called into mind for me and true consideration of just how it should be we talk about other earthlings each has it place on earth its shouldn’t be a handbag for it had far more … Continue reading