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A smile from the emerald isle

Imaginative and creative An idyll of greenery where Inventiveness and inspiration And tranquility seemingly share The foxgloves the land of the fae And beyond To a positive place from a dream A manifestation of everything lovely The sunlight atop a … Continue reading

All around its tense which makes no sense

Its meaningless its inanity Its nonsensical depravity We are baulked and thwarted At every turn Amazed and dumbfounded by what we learn A nebulous outcome Where vile intent Becomes unutterable Its was never meant But sadly its happened The KINGS … Continue reading

Poulnabrone Dolmen and the Burren

It looks more like a moonscape Bleak and apparently Lifeless on the surface But below the surface we See clints and grykes Accumulating earth Where fissures be And on these slab like flats Sheltered areas we see The magic of … Continue reading


Below the famous cobbles Theres a river running free Beehive rooms and neolithic caverns Where there be Piles of rocks all piled up And cavernous displays Evidence of pagan worship And medieval leys THe River Poddle Took the viking long … Continue reading


The wildness personifies Nature’s true meaning The immortal Atlantic Its battle supreme Ireland stands strong Holding back the great giant Its cliffs rising purposefully And they do seem To Honour this emerald isle And its elements Thrown up in an … Continue reading

Wild Ireland and Skellig Rocks

It looks like a beehive Monks once did build In the 6th century how did they weild Their axes and shoulders With local stone they Struggled up all those steps Over the bay And there stands the monastery With So … Continue reading