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Triple meltdowns Fukushima Contamination Everywhere Nothings gone away Though sadly Its all Somewhere in the air No end game Not Fukushima Its a huge catastrophe Thyroid cancers On the increase An epidemic Certainly Radiation Mineralisation Contamination Its out there The … Continue reading

Repositories for nuclear waste storage in the UK

The mail has mooted Plans afoot To dispose of Sellafields vile radioaactive horror The tories sad denial Gullible communities Preferably far away In the North of England Where the hoi polloi Now stay Thats the snobbish banter They hope will … Continue reading


Humanity is clearly off course One now has to feel We lack realisation And somehow we conceal The obvious awful danger To the wider public who Live their lives as best they can But remain unseeing, who In their right … Continue reading

The infamous English mud

In the cover of darkness A phantom ship sails From Hinkley Point Power To Penarth in Wales The good ship “SLOEBER” (A puppy of sorts) That can open her belly And share all She sports 2000 tonnes of nuclear mud … Continue reading

60 whales were slaughtered today

60 whales this morning lost their precious lives The Faroes Islanders wickedly proclaimed Thors harbour saw the wretched blood and thunder Acted out and all of them are blamed Their sinfulness and iniquitous behaviour There is no need to slaughter … Continue reading

The Pacific Ocean

Its undeniably massive In places extremely deep From the Arctic Ocean To Antartica Its hydrosphere does leap To 46per cent of the earths surface So to say Its larger than the land combined On any given day The Mariana trench … Continue reading

Time is a great leveller

Eternity thats a very long time Apparently so the length of this rhyme And beyond through our lifetimes Possibly so But Chernobyl was terror Which most of us know CHernobyl and Prepiat And the villages too Some 400,000 evacuees true … Continue reading

All lies (white mans history)

The lies that they told When you were children Cowboys and Indians Was what you heard the cowboys were good And the indians bad Unless cowboys won You were left feeling sad NOrth Dakota the black snake Its creeps ever … Continue reading

25 th April 1986

Just a totally beautiful Spring day Pripyat sparkled and sang The trees were resplendent The people were happy And nobody heard the Big Bang . Existence was out there and working Reality felt in its core Immortal eternal undying 43,000 … Continue reading

Fukushima and Tepco and the future

I am a vegan And I am proud of that Pacific ocean fish Fukushima has it And it wont be in my dish Strontium 90 is flooding Into the ocean every day Dont believe the Japanese Whatever they bloody well … Continue reading

Fukushima another leak

An evil and a wickedness A Pandora’s box of pain An outrage of injustice Where only a few did gain Nuclear what an industry They fight to tell us they Create a wondrous energy And with it, they say It’s … Continue reading


To just see the exclusion zone Pale green pines The buildings bare A solitary truck with open doors And, no human beings there Chernobyl In proximity Heavily radiated Not the place to ever be The cost of nuclear energy The … Continue reading

The Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Oceans dying From Fukashima too The US you can sail for miles A lot of people do The ocean though is dying fast No birds no fish no sound No dolphins playing with the waves No turtles near … Continue reading

Radiation moves in unknown ways

Wholesale panic apparently was averted by the way Japan reported its meltdown and now we all might pay internal radiation has begun to take its toll nosebleeds,rashes, and terrible coughs its already breached their soul radiation is everywhere its advances … Continue reading

Koodakulam Nuclear Power

Koodakulam Nuclear Plant is on critical alert they will not listen to the local people who would be hurt an activists well we’re a bunch of terrorist of course and so this Boron Dilution Process is established now by force … Continue reading

The futility of War ( from a survivor) Inspired by an article in Counter Currents this evening

Communication at the end of the day when the rivers have turned to blood offers Humanity the last chance before total destruction becomes reality, War is a futile event that claims the angelic ones and is therefore an act of such evil that even Satan finds it remarkable that we keep doing it
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