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Becerrrades Novilladas in Algemesi cruelty

Towns that show so little respect For brave young bulls Beaten in The bull ring For us empathy pulls Our hearts and minds The courage be spirit they possess Murdered by a team of fiends Creating all its stress Its … Continue reading

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My name Is Rory

They call me Rory To give me some glory I am from Africa I am a LION My babies are cubs My wife a lioness Just where I live A petting farm no less Cages and cages Of lions they … Continue reading

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LION day london 30/04/2016

The energy is building Folks from here and there Are getting posters and their costumes ready And proving how much they care Prides of Lions will congregate In London’S Cavendish Square To march all the way to Downing Street To … Continue reading

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Magnesium oil

Carpets of Rape coat our green hills Interspersed with telephone poles And conversations On the green of Spring Surrounds the forest I adore This rape this fetid smell disturbs Wild life like never before The sunlight brings the colour Of … Continue reading

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i am that little dog NOW

Inquisitive and hopeful Look what love has done Just a soft warm caring hand Underneath the sun From my languid state of consciousness Peering through a sad grimace Sores and insects biting Not even an ounce of bliss Now a … Continue reading

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I am that little dog

This street life Is abominable Traffic everywhere People coming people going Nobody will even spare A moment just to see me So insentient are they Nobody hears my whimper There is nobody to say Hello boy how are you? Nobody … Continue reading

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The professional Rapists. Not for the squeamish!!!

The defilement of the animals Pure and simply that Artificial insemination An assault is where its at And its all about the corporate Their pathological way Of profit and power Each passing hour Of every single day Impurity of purpose … Continue reading

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My Tree 3

A deep dark sky An April eve A silhouette Doth still achieve A resplendent shadow A glimpse of night What was red this morning Has a blackened flight And slowly its fading into the night A scatter of leaves That … Continue reading

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Is it to late to re- educate

Arrogance and ignorance Are the hunters and poachers disease And animal earthlings are fast disappearing We have got the chance though to seize The opportunity to save them Take the clouded leopard they say It went extinct due to over … Continue reading

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To have no regrets The heart burning desire Of unaccompanied children Who bleed in our fire Who are left on the hillsides In camps and police cells As young as 10 In our man made hells Tory MP’s in their … Continue reading

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Training horses to assist in the murder of Bulls

Lets lament altogether Lets all wail and woe Watching a bull take a hit As we know The cruelty here is beyond Rights to see And the picador man Is a coward obviously Paid to sit back with a massive … Continue reading

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A playful bull

Unconcerned so aloof To the crowd all around Lethargically he Came out of the pound Preparing to see The audience he Was ready to play Was ready to be Looking around Licking the floor The pink capes were flapping Whistles … Continue reading

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Fear is a come on to a carnivore

Confidence hangs on the balance of power Its like an invisible gossamer shower That protects a flower from the wind and the rain Frail though it is It still can avail Itself of the freedom and strength From within And … Continue reading

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The persuasive power of gentleness

Born into a world of captivity An African Lioness with a great power to see Beyond just killing and the destruction of life The lust of warm blood and on going strife A cub with a future and a prophecy … Continue reading

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My tree 2

The sunlight on copper Drives emotions too high The scintillating freedom A glint from way up high The stillness of each moment The shading of the now The music of each movement Stand in awe and how This is my … Continue reading

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Coldplay and the true feelings

Timeliness An auspicious moment in life The great possibility Freedom from strife To let ourselves go In a spiritual way With the freedom to dream And to hear them Coldplay A momentous ritual The occasion to be In one’s fathers … Continue reading

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I had heard of his music But wasn’t a fan Enchanting as it was A Poet, can Tune in to his wisdom And his sanctity And have an affection For his melody He was true to himself With thoughts of … Continue reading

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My tree

The rustle of copper My Queen is awake A beech in the shadows She’s never a fake Against the blue backdrop Serenely she stands With branches that glisten And great waving fans Out of the sod She rose to acclaim … Continue reading

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The terrible work of exposing cruelty

pretty red pot plants all in a row A village style butcher If you didn’t know Its all “oldy worldy” Rustic and slate But things kind of change When you open their gate It is a slaughterhouse Where animals die … Continue reading

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The tragic story of Sambo the Elephant

Sambo had a sad life Caught before the war And put to work to earn His food and lodging And whats more Found that life much harder The pounding their feet get Carrying tourists everywhere Really there is no let … Continue reading

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Circus is an abuse of wild life

Wild animals in circus Is a very selfish thing It calls for the absolute ignorance To show them in a ring The big top travelling here and there All over so much stress By definition animals need More Exercise not … Continue reading

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The violence and cacophony Of being engaged Where you don’t want to be Hordes of men on ropes who feel The need to torment you for real Mallorca hang your head in shame This atrocity that does inflame The hearts … Continue reading

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Unintelligibility of the corporate board

In so many ways the human being Allowed his curiosity To take him into roads of Incomprehensibility Unfathomable in many ways And regrettable through every phase When dealing with the Killer Whales To me it is where mankind fails His … Continue reading

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My name denotes My meaning A person of the forest And sitting here on concrete floors With concrete walls I feel Really how absurd it is What is in fact ineptitude The forest was so vibrant And here things are … Continue reading

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The vultures

Every single creature Has its place in life An integral recognition A presence and the strife That we cause to these beings Their potentiality Their positive contribution And their essence actually They have a genuine standing They are grounded and … Continue reading

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Kneeling before his master Silks and satins torn Showing contempt for one so powerful Disdainfulness and scorn A critical disciple Valiantly displays A superiority And sniffiness that plays As part of the cuadrilla Behold a baying crowd A broken doll … Continue reading

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BREXIT and beyond

Brexit the new great escape Where unelected layabouts Rule the roost and earn a lot Paying 18 per cent tax So they have got A cushy number its no slog No one works you like a dog Germany might have … Continue reading

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lamb boys

The newness of our life force Genuine juvenility Infancy and babyhood A fosterling in nursery Whipper snappers love to play Bounce about most of the day Spring’s outcome energy bursting through A primary cause for children who Still are powerless … Continue reading

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For the trophy on the wall

In my lifetime Those majestic Lions Their eternity assured The very kings of Africa With their presence They had scored A realness and an essence Essential to the way Africa was blooming In a truly grounded way 250,000 and they … Continue reading

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Live exports to Israel

live exports from AUSTRALIA To Israel Came under fire for cruelty When they Arrived at the slaughterhouse In fact its general policy To be unkind to animals This way Slaughterhouses slaughter Thats their remit The workers there expect Them all … Continue reading

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