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The race is on The ridleys are scampering Through the sand with fresh hearts That beat rapidly They begin to understand The OCEAN its great thunderous roar The waves the salt the blue With sea gulls hovering overhead We know … Continue reading

Good Energy

A stalwart campaigner A GREEN pioneer Thats Juliet Davenport Yes and the year 1999 A long time ago When she took on the fossil Fuel giants, you know Not exactly an enviable position to be But she was a champion … Continue reading


Take a Magical carpet ride Into an oblivion where dreams Transport you to another world With hors-d-oeuvres and where it seems Dressings wholly flavourful Conjure such delight Coupled with toasted Sour dough bread And the thrill Of an Arabian Night … Continue reading

Fossil fuels

Barclays lets itself down By propping up those who Send contaminants into the atmosphere Funders sadly who Support the Coal and Tar Sands And the Frackers too And millions of gallons Of potable water What a biased view It gives … Continue reading

Japan at the crossroads

Is it lack of intelligence Or vacuousness that Japan Is going through now Huge dead flesh eating Country knowing what it does The environmental impact Is terrible the buzz in cities That of cellular Agriculture And That would save colossal … Continue reading

Weaponised technology& right to know

The public have the right to know Whats happening today Gateshead councils decision To roll out a new way Of lighting the street And providing a new technology 5g and the LED lighting Thats dangerous actually All of tHis big … Continue reading

Dont give up we can beat them

DAkota access Investors are panicking tonight If the oil dont start to flow Its more than winters bite That will get to their arses All you have to do Is sit it out And fight this one For its winnable … Continue reading

More piggy stories

There is a disregard for all farm animals Especially pigs they do get a raw deal Take the family farms in Pennnsylvania And ask yourself how can this all be real Downtrodden as if miscreants and criminals Discomfort is their … Continue reading

A rural chase

A suggestion for the countryside alliance And all those big sods riding in the hunt Chase your bloody selves around the countryside Call one of the party yea the runt Stick a foxy mask upon his boat race Send him … Continue reading

A visionary approach to the Moon by Shimizu of Japan

Its poignant to see that a Japanese firm are gazing expectedly much more long term towards the Moon and the potential to create energy which is what it will do a Luna Ring running around the equator 6800 miles it … Continue reading