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Sea Spiracy believe every word it portrays

Sea Spiracy a film That takes us to another realm Transports us through reality And, does overwhelm The liars and the criminals That undoubtedly abound Long lines, trawlers, dredgers Who tragically are found Working under night skies Thieving as they … Continue reading

Wild animal poaching

The dishonesty is out there At high level Unconscientiousnesss rampant As we know Its about the opportunism And the shabby venality The aiding and abetting That does grow Everybodys at it When there money to be had All sorts of … Continue reading

The times they are a changing (in the arctic

We are seeing changing fortunes As sea ice melts much more The supremely adapted to the frozen world Are coming unstuck for sure The Polar Bear for instance Begins to catch his cold The Killer Whales now thats another story … Continue reading

Sound waves and beyond

In our world of ocean magic Where our orchestra must play A great force of stimulation Strengthens us each day The tone the pitch the cadence The stillness of the deep The resonant vibrations ululating in our sleep We fail … Continue reading

It is said to be the unicorn The Narwhal and its fated capture

In all 7 Narwhals have been captured for the Vancouver Aquarium and all of them have died.they are very sensitive souls they are very affected by changes of temperature and are very specialized feeders there is no way that the … Continue reading