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For year outside of Harvey Nicols Our little team of fighters stood Giving out leaflets shocking the public With vile extremism where we could Racoon dogs electrocuted up their bottoms Cried in painIt was done many times in China To … Continue reading

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Avebury shines I see the signs The great stones A blue sky Moved by what is grandeur On this fact we rely Lovely to see the both of you Seekers in refrain There’s magic in the offing

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Owl finds a toy horse

Owls truly are a remarkable breed Assiduous hunters this one did succeed In finding a toy horse and giving a go To riding the object and we now know From the sky over Brecon what it appeared To be was … Continue reading

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Wicked Dragon

Daddon Court Clovelly road In Bideford Is where a really lovely Clothing house A place I want to share Wicked dragon Medieval beautiful such grace Nepalese hand crafted Garments-really keeping pace Wonderfully put together Designs of optimum choice Lovely natural … Continue reading

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