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The absurdity of the seasons Some daffodils in bloom Spring is at least a Month away But obviously the gloom Below the earth is lightening up Though there still might be some snow But anyway its imbolc Or “in milk” … Continue reading

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When we found her lifeless body We were mortified We cried, and, we have been Crying ever since Our darling dog had been gunned down She actually drowned in her own blood No matter how we ponder It is still … Continue reading

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Bella Italia

Potentially the nicest and the most cordial Place around Nirvana care of pizza Where the grains are finely ground Baked with fire and served with love By Laura of Sicily Who misses this wee lass I’m sure For she served … Continue reading

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Pageants and elephants dont mix

India should by now know that Elephants The heaviest of land animals are in stress Marching through the streets clad in regalia It puts their whole demeanour in a mess There is no give in the roads unlike the natural … Continue reading

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Vegan angels lets reward them now

The Ocean has authenticity Its absoluteness spans Into perpetuity Its realism stands The course of time An immortal space A universe alone So supportive of the landmass And anyone whose thrown A line into the great lake The swimmers came … Continue reading

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A lonely soul

I was a being All seeing I thought An arborial master Few could climb faster Evolution had set me Goals to be scored I was immortal And not overawed And so excited And never bored Then came the palm oil … Continue reading

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Ramachandran just one elephant ‘s thoughts in Kerala

Existence in an immortal sense we feel its latent power What is their vast nirvana A visionary of each hour An intimate regard for life Each opportunity To interconnect To reciprocate And do so mutually Its perhaps the human Contrariness … Continue reading

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The periodic table of the elements Have so much going for them but few see The elements concerning our environment They overlook the similarity Calcium and Strontium are sisters Potassium and Caesium are too Iron and what is hell on … Continue reading

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Tigers and temples

The immortal understanding The philosophy of thought Exacting meditation Its not how I was taught Tigers are wild animals Thats where they should be In the wilds where they were put Thats where we need to see Wild animals not … Continue reading

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That matador wants his ears cut off along with his genitals

SPAIN you breed a bunch of thoroughly nasty Evil men You train them in the murdering of Bulls Pray tell me when This infamy will ever cease What I saw today A tortured fellow in such pain And the matador … Continue reading

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The big whiteLion

He had been born white Like driven snow The whitest Lion you could ever know All the other cubs were brown But he was white And what went down His father bit him Pretty hard He just kind of dropped … Continue reading

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Johan and Karolina Boswinkel

Realness actuality Visible substantivity The “chiren” such potential Transcendent interaction A fullness and an eminence All embracing the reaction Incredible stupendous Remarkable interaction A privilege to hear of it Those bio photons gleam A superlative contraption An overriding dream One … Continue reading

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The teats of a cow I sup not

The teats of a cow are not for me They have never been And they never will I am human just about And human breast milk Why is their doubt Bulls jacked off by Farming men Cows then raped again … Continue reading

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Tigers and temples

How is it that Temples imagine that they Have the know how and the foresight to manage and play A part in the upkeep and physical need Of an army of Tigers and hopefully feed The game plan is nurture … Continue reading

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japan and their insatiable demand for seafood

The poor dolphin species are suffering badly The ocean they live in polluted by man They live out their lives in this chemical soup Not knowing when this all began Drive hunting another anathema That dwells on the nature of … Continue reading

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Moral wickedness

This was damnable behaviour Distressing to the core A catastrophe of circumstance To create in life such gore To pay such a disservice To the courage of a soul Whose life was very meaningful And outrage such a toll An … Continue reading

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Wild cubs

Commerce must think far more thoroughly through the ethical Strategy here Using live animals For a unique promotion Really they have to be clear Especially babies Taken away from their mothers That nurturing needed each day Customers who would be … Continue reading

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Some Norwegian fur farms

Incarceration with neglect Creates a maddening state A mindlessness an irrationality And insouciant of late Slovenly and dirty Unhinged and frenzied they Minks and foxes trapped in cages For certain every day An apathy and hopelessness No meaning to ones … Continue reading

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Taiji playing games

Obama and shinzo Abe Thats is who we see And then a guy With shades on his arms crossed Nonchalantly Eyeballing the camera It switches to the sea Dolphins dragged behind the boats In the killer cove TAIJI Wrestling in … Continue reading

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Ivory exchange

The majestic one Cut down and thwarted A magical soul Who once had sported Great powerful tusks And heart to match In his played out role He reached the patch Such self restraint An soberness Behoving as all others Bless … Continue reading

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Dear Bull

Spain his is no pageant No culture no tradition Seeing the Bull pierced Through and through Feathery daggers What to do Pierce the lungs And into the soul And take away all your control The searing heat And the massive … Continue reading

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The Rocks At Clearwell In the Forest of Dean A natural cave system That just might have been From the carboniferous period saw Underground streams Cutting caves there galore Then came the miners Iron give me ore Give me ochre … Continue reading

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Australian Sheep Shearing Via PETA

Are these really human men Brothers sons and fathers when Were they born how did they get Into so much animal debt Slung about and manhandled so Spiteful watch them as they throw Full grown sheep onto the floor With … Continue reading

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It seems that. Greenpeace wants to Fight big energy But has its work cut out for what they do Is playoff the indigenous who cannot hunt seal or whales As sustenance Which supposedly holds true So Greenpeace has decided That … Continue reading

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The tiger and the circus

Backwards and forwards one tiger Two or three paces Then he turns around And faces backward This is adversity! 3 tory MP’s vote NO For seemingly they want to see Wild animals be Tortured and their horrors grow And for … Continue reading

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Ric and how the world wide meat trade doesn’t help his position

Lets appreciate mentality Ric’s and ours And the Japanese Enter a spot of mendality Its really likened To a reprise Ric’s emerged as a central force And the Japanese have sailed off course He clearly is an embarrassment And so … Continue reading

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Just one little dog cried and this was the reason

It happened at Baldwin Park Animal Services One little dog he just cried Beside himself lost to the world His whole being was denied Tossed on the scrap heap of dignity Lost in a threatening field Divorced of humanity Close … Continue reading

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Female entertainers Hostesses of sorts Good at classical music Dancers in our thoughts Discussing with their counterparts The culture at Taiji Why human beings born of mothers Would create such infamy A white face Gives us shock and awe As … Continue reading

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Canned hunted Lion

A despicable conclusion to a cowardly Way of life Or should I say existence In our world of utter strife The canned hunters low on thoughtfulness Their ego’s blazing high Have gone and killed an innocent With real fire in … Continue reading

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The age of the cage

Its awful its something you dare not believe Great sheds of rabbits what does it achieve Coffers of money a market of shame hell cannot be worse and who is to blame The public so ignorant they have be Aware … Continue reading

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