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George Galloway

I will agree Your stature Your mindset and your power Up against Keir Starmer You can and do know how To win through I am certain Against the wavering might Uncertain his weakness To genuinely fight He is no man … Continue reading

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Our wild friends are getting a raw deal

The government Me thinks Seem irreverent and they Have lost their imagination For our wild friends They display An unimaginative regard And this appears to me Why these rotten hunters Are causing such misery.

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Weasels real tough guys

Ravenous violence Weasels display A vigorous vehemence A militant soul Small but tyrannical They want control Of everything The bigger you are They will chase and chase No matter how far getting their dinner Means so much to them

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Crows on my Beech

Three crows on my Beech tree The sunshine on their backs Having wings to reach the heights Such sunlit boughs attracts Vitality and feathered souls Who climb and with fur balls play The squirrels and the long eared Hare below … Continue reading

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To all you rotten sods who wear fur or skins

Wearing the skin Of another being What does that make me Am I all seeing Am I a monster Seemingly so Why do you do this When clearly you know A rabbit or a bunny A fox and or a … Continue reading

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I take issue with the FBI The director who made his point But why? Denigrate these mammals who Did nothing negative Which is true The indication was possibly Their investigations Possibly Did n9t come up to the standards We Imagined … Continue reading

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