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FATHER “ARCTUS” MOTHER “Mercedes” Born in Edinburgh Zoo 15/11/1991 I never knew of the icy wastes Or those amazing skies I was born in Edinburgh Zoo In a cage to my surprise Zoo’s are really prison camps Our wildness they … Continue reading

Kamogawa Seaworld Restaurant

Theres a sickness emanating From those visitors who feel Its just right to watch the captive Orcas and Dolphins with your meal Beluga’s sea lions all who dream Of wildness and their thing And are forced to be the entertainment … Continue reading

Ranoo the Bear

Zoo’s are past their sell by date Cruelty and pain Miserly and ungenerous They are into it for gain Tight fisted and grudging They don’t see how they gain By spending loads of money On cages when its plain the … Continue reading


Blessed or Fortunate Prosperous too His name in Persian Seemly its true A great handsome Lion The Iranian King The jungle resounds His roar it does bring Thunder bolts crashing Down from the sky That has shattered the spirits And … Continue reading

Lock down and its affect on a person of the forest

The Orangutan An ape of magnitude and awe A swinger and a bringer A jungle man of war Who faces up to zoo keepers The lowest of the low The snarling rotten tight arsed Creeps Who just wishes he could … Continue reading

Wildness in the Ocean

A huge brain in a huge head And devotion in the ocean Families with a massive family tree Who have the notion That mariners of consequence Who sail the salty sea Many fishing blue fin Our food, the food where … Continue reading

Waccatee ZOO

Waccatee Zoo Its roadside HELL Sweaty dirty cages Pacing we can tell Grumbling clearly suffering Under your vile spell In the dust and violence And Kathleen Futrell On show a so called zoo No one needs to see Lila’s stress … Continue reading


Che, took on Dear Kaavan’s need The plight the fight could he succeed The zoo was poor The High Court there Decided to close it Just despair MARGHAZAR ZOO A dirty place A rotten floor Just a disgrace Pakistan should … Continue reading

He once was a king

He once was a king In a jungle green A handsome soul In a vital scene Of Africa and the waters edge Where old age came So they allege Take it from me I was old its true Feeling tired … Continue reading

Gorillas are wild

You stole me from the Congo From my family yes twas you Put me in this shit hole Called the place a zoo Took away the emerald hills The greenery and more Flew me to This concrete cell To share … Continue reading

Asha (lonely and blue)

The culture of a zoo The lack of understanding The torturous intent Where that in fact is landing Elephants are social souls Familial intent Instinctive and impulsive The life time that’s she’s spent In that ghastly hell hole Is going … Continue reading

BOSCO the bear

For a wild bear to suffer The horrid conditions A concrete pit and on hard concrete ground Stuck on a box Surrounded by rocks Listen to her to her sound Arthritis affects her she clearly Now At this so called … Continue reading

Just 45 minutes drive from the KRUGER NATIONAL PARK

All zoo’s are past their sell by date A long long time ago Concentration camps for souls Prison camps that show Wild animals in cages Locked away they be Prisoners who were not allowed To be as born YEA free … Continue reading

“Dumbo” given a sad name and an even sadder life

Zoo’s Typical business model Conflicts with duty of care Ways of making extra profit Are introduced and there They Suffer so from ignorance In Thailand one such soul Tortured as a baby So as to control He was in a … Continue reading

What’s sustainable?

A conflict of opinion Exists in me today Taiyuan zoo in China Is living with decay Concrete walls just cells infact It’s conditions dire They have loads of money But no spiritual fire Importing little elephants Taken from their mama … Continue reading

A Captive Tiger

A solitary white Bengal Tiger Bored out of its mind Continues to circle every day No thanks to humankind In a zoo in Beijing Cement and bars its lot It once was wild but now of course Freedom it has … Continue reading


Thailand should be ashamed of itself For what’s happening right here It’s called a zoo But the view Is anything but clear It’s a nothingness of caring It’s baseless and unreal The animals are all prisoners They are trying to … Continue reading

Terrible cruelty to tigers in FLORIDA

The incautiousness and needlessness Of making tigers humanised Temerity and presumption Our arrogance should be criticised For zoos and films and entertainment Tigers are a dangerous act Rapidly wasted in the wild And that is one mean fact Roadside zoos … Continue reading

Lock down

As wild tribe members We have rights And human beings At the heights Of their admission And their days Should realise And seek to raise Capacity for understanding Wildness is Really the landing Stage in life It’s who we are … Continue reading


Trip adviser advertising Sixty one per cent Of visitors are happy Really are content That’s visitors People who pay to see Those who are Trapped there And are kept there In a place they call a ZOO Who forget this … Continue reading

Chang Puak Camp Zoo THAILAND

Ignorance is an issue At this established zoo An no appreciation for what They all should do Clearly there’s crass ignorance And a lack of education Shallow and superficial And letting down the Nation Thailand deserves better By a long … Continue reading

Massa and his lady friend

Zoo’s continue high and mighty Places where we are told Endangered species breeding programmes That is how they are sold This particular zoo In Germany With all these precious souls Captive locked in cages But just run by arse oles … Continue reading

German zoo in KREFELD near the Dutch border

No extra protection Poor judgement if you ask me A zoo providing life and safety For primates under lock and key Gorillas and orangutans chimpanzees and Marmosets Birds and bats All perished in a fire And honestly the bets The … Continue reading

The saving of MOGO ZOO

MOGO zoo was saved It having been ringed with fire A sanctuary to animals Endangered souls so dire From environments where people Got the upper hand Living hunting growing crops Also on the land personally I don’t like Zoos Animals … Continue reading


It’s been opened only four years It is an open zoo Still under construction That much it seems is true It is known as an orphanage But really that’s misleading The elephants there are prisoners And therefore I am reading … Continue reading

The SAN Juan de Aragon Zoo

There have been many problems With this particular zoo A lot of animals die there That factor is true Built in 1964 Supposedly to be More open and it never worked So apparently in 1999 they closed the zoo And … Continue reading


At Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire Yesterday we saw A giraffe called EPESI Kick the bucket It’s hard to ignore 11 years old a baby still Developed a Bad hoof It was causing him some problems If we needed any proof … Continue reading

Elephant day at the Zoo

Zoo’s are not the answer They are prison for the crime Of wanting to have freedom And there really is no rhyme Or reason to imprison them To educate our young Trying to make a profit And remain unsung Wild … Continue reading

Zimbabwe’s cruelty knows no bounds

Contrary to any reason Gifted souls we see Are unlawfully captured To be exported tragically Little baby elephants Stolen from their mums Sold to the highest bidder Really just for crumbs No respect whatsoever Unreasoned all the way Unsound and … Continue reading

Chinese Medicine and wild animals

Evertything was written down Transcribed from long ago Instilled and inculcated By people in the know The want for the wild essences The connectedness of need By implication perspective For remedies to succeed Whats pertinent and applicable Absolute and true … Continue reading