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Taiji killers

So much violence From the Japanese Throwbacks from the war Hard hearted pitiless morons Hellhounds from before Out there in the ocean Vandals of the sea Excessively tyrannical And misanthropy Like yunei so bloodthirsty Spiteful bitterness Child abuse they are … Continue reading

Taiji Fishermen

Dolphins have a brain Much bigger than the Taiji Blokes Whose nasty pranks With pipes and noise Seriously invokes A fear A culpability A wrongfulness A vile Miasma A kind of shrilling buzz That threatens pods and families Illicit and … Continue reading

Sea Spiracy believe every word it portrays

Sea Spiracy a film That takes us to another realm Transports us through reality And, does overwhelm The liars and the criminals That undoubtedly abound Long lines, trawlers, dredgers Who tragically are found Working under night skies Thieving as they … Continue reading

Sea Spiracy

We open the great doors And let some truths out Concerning the oceans And what they are about How 80 per cent of all life Still be In the confines Of the great panoply An array of such wonder Where … Continue reading

Skyla the Orca

Father. Tilikum Mother. Kalina Born at SEA World ORlando Died at LORO PARQUE Tenerife 11/3/2021 This is a message to the great Humane World To the Sea World spectacular Where I was hurled Into an existence Into a tub Not … Continue reading

Southern Resident Orca’s

The Trans Mountain Pipeline Is causing disturbance The Orca’s are suffering Their foraging made So much more difficult Their echolocation Is put in a quandary An indefiniteness laid And It won’t do Its causing confusion And exasperation The pods there … Continue reading

Kamogawa Seaworld Restaurant

Theres a sickness emanating From those visitors who feel Its just right to watch the captive Orcas and Dolphins with your meal Beluga’s sea lions all who dream Of wildness and their thing And are forced to be the entertainment … Continue reading

Another dead dolphin

Try to imagine the spirit The life’s blood Enduring and breathing Essentially so In the blue salty ocean So much devotion Noose sandy beach Facing North as we know All that blueness A gentleness soft salty spray A gentle persuasion … Continue reading

Wildness in the Ocean

A huge brain in a huge head And devotion in the ocean Families with a massive family tree Who have the notion That mariners of consequence Who sail the salty sea Many fishing blue fin Our food, the food where … Continue reading

“Garu” imprisoned for life

When a man kills another His sentence might be 15 long years in a penitentiary When a dolphin is captured In a port In Japan They are either killed outright Where Hell knows no fan Lets take DOLPHIN “GARU” Too … Continue reading

Tahlequah (J35)

Human beings out watching us orca’s Appear to be very concerned That much is clear Some hunt us down And ship us away Others on fake book Are crying some say Its great that your interest In us is heartfelt … Continue reading

Luther and Buck

He did not care a fcuk About Luther and Buck Two captive dolphins Poor Sods Captivity Left them As nervous as Hell Wanting to be near Their gods That complete realisation That wildness was once more To be The possible … Continue reading

MMPA and all that

The Marine Mammal Protection Act A nightmare for our Ric Molly poor old lady Thankfully the brick She saw it she remembered it Thats the kind of man That rallies all the screaming gals Thats his jolly plan Imagine on … Continue reading

The Rabbit is in whose headlights?

Who was it Who caught dolphins And killed and cut away And filled their bodies Up with bricks And sent them on their way Was it a dolphin lover A carer Or someone Who wanted to hide Nis misdeeds When … Continue reading

Dolphins never smile not any more

Dont ask a federal judge To budge Why should he anyway Captive dolphins Let out And literally made to pay “Bogie”Bacall” “Jake” “Luther” and “Buck” All found the draw of the sea Were let out to roam Away from their … Continue reading

Taiji disparaged by anyone with a mindful outlook on life

Bitchiness at Animal Rights As passions are created Its Malevolent and misplaced The cloven hooves incorporated Acrimony and rancour And often enmity Setting out to find the souls Enlisting treachery Behaviourally this often Is the case for those Who watch … Continue reading

Dolphin on the “edge”

Wildness is to godliness And to actuality The Present realisation Of what it means to me The ocean and its inhabitants Each fundamental dream Genuine and grounded Enduring it would seem Having substance and emotion Phenomenal and true And Each … Continue reading


Sea World your indictment Your insincerity Corruptible and shameful Of mammals from the sea Profit wavering loyalty An unconscientiousness All see Almost racketeering The vilest Criminality Far from philanthropic They were covetous with greed They had no defence whatsoever The … Continue reading

There are no excuses

There can be no excuses For The hatred and the pain The innocent regarded As cannon fodder plain and simple In onlookers eyes Attrition on a scale Beyond what is offensive And guaranteed to fail A wonderful assemblage Of neutrality … Continue reading


The Ocean was vibrant with innocent souls All swimming merrily Each in their roles Mothers with babies fathers with sons Uncles and Aunties And grand parents Who heard the guns the cacophony the melee The chaos the scream As boats … Continue reading

Orca hell otherwise known as seaworld

What is more alien Than a sea pool Not very deep But only fool Would imagine wild orca’s Could possibly be Anything other than sick Actually They live in their pods WTH instinctive power Knowledge passed down through the ages … Continue reading

Vegan for them

Respect for all creatures whether great whether small honour them All of  them see they are all held in high standing where ever we go each is alive with its very own  glow   wherever  God put Them in the … Continue reading

“Honey” the sad dolphin

Japan has a inanity towards Wild creatures she Drives them with audaciousness And never mindfully Talking up their brand of ZEN Where peacefulness apparently Exists in their tranquil garden scenes But not in their true philosophy They have so many … Continue reading

Energy and behaviour in all animals

Every type of animals wherever it may be In the ocean on a farm of half way up tree It makes no difference what they do How they eat and why They all have different traits and loves As we … Continue reading


Contempt for one another In the way we run our lives What we eat and what’s out there And really who survives Industrialisation Coal fired electrity Smelting incineration of waste The pollution industry The oceans are awash with filth The … Continue reading


His father was a wild born orca His Mother So was, she His fathers sperm was frozen That’s how it he came to be With SEAWORLD artificiality is everywhere They talk up education And overlook despair Makani SAN Diego A … Continue reading

SEA WORLD’s Ignorance

An ocean predator Captured And kept in a paddling pool Dolphins in chlorination With visitors as a rule Paddling in the water Their dirty oily feet Covered in smelly sun oil Leaking what a treat Wild souls in Such surroundings … Continue reading

Dumping grounds

For eight years at least It’s been happening Quietly I believe The FAROE Island butchers Hoping to deceive Anybody really Who they don’t want to know How carcasses from the pilot whales They murder Grow and grow underneath the Sea … Continue reading

TAIJI all over again

Year after year Day after day drives a bargain TAIJI One of aweful dismay Taking out dolphins Respected souls To create a bloodbath Each one take dark roles Fishermen so called Heartless geeks they Torture our babies Every day of … Continue reading

Orca’s and taking their wildness Away. The

A total lack of planning Undesirable and impolitic untoward and useless So much so it makes me sick The disruption and the hurtfulness The unkindness and the cruelty Hunted for the naive eyes Of bitterness and lethargy A wretched and … Continue reading