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Carnivorous reptiles Frequent the red earth Making their great holes For all of their worth Gathering food Laying their eggs And digging their burrowsWith their Scales legs The Perentie gigantic More than two metres long They can be a real … Continue reading

Foxy bag

A total lack of intelligence Feeble minded and low A bag made from a young wild fox Who wasn’t going to grow Any bigger or older For the huntsmen decided she Would be preserved till the moths came For an … Continue reading

Iceland’s banning order

A conscience And an integrity Insullied we can say A video made for Yule perhaps In a pure minded way With a deal of moral fibre Principled and true With a sense of responsibility Virtuous all through Iceland Foods A … Continue reading


A noble soul the terrestial one Looks very menacing in the sun Likes to climb trees But can be shy Hibernates from May to August Holds a rank thats high There are a number of species But Australia knows that … Continue reading


Their music Their art It all comes from the heart Its apparent to me It is, how they see The earth at their feet Its vibrant upbeat The wind in their hair Comes from everywhere The breath demonstrates The yidaki … Continue reading

A turkey portrait

A living artists palette Indigo azure Your coat of many colours Sapphire with a pure Gentian cardinal damask Ashen dapple grey The colours only GAIA ever Could infact display Cinnabar and madder A blush a flush a glow Stripes of … Continue reading

This is deemed art

This poor soul Can see the grime Of man unkind Of all his sins And No paragon That underpins His character And those who let This calf be trapped And exposed on set a living caring feeling soul Becomes art … Continue reading

Art and the animals who apparently make it all possible

Realness and actuality The canvas can it be Used to create a picture Possibly of thee And how might that be possible With what brush will you use A sable or a mongoose Or a badger lets abuse A hog, … Continue reading