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A waterside property

A unique detached dwelling A real outlandish roost Near the water in the sunlight Gives the eggs a boost With all the crap from human beings Might as well create A pad that’s unlike others And just might start a … Continue reading

Iceland 137 and 138

The flensers are out on the dock In the darkness flood lights switched on For the sake of the crew We thought it was over But loftsson the rover The whaler the sailor Knows what he must do Slaughter and … Continue reading

A gory tory story

We cant have homeless people Littering the street Thats the tory mantra And its far far from discreet Windsor a royal borough With the castle and we hear Harry and his lady Supposing they appear With all their vast huge … Continue reading


Just imagine being woken up By something thats so dire The awful realisation That your tower block Is on fire Choking on the embers Tasting the thick smoke Hearing the shrieks of neighnours And needing to go for broke Every … Continue reading

A homeless guy in Kentish Town

at Kentish Town in London The other day I saw A homeless man Whose built his home Outside a closed down store At least 10 cardboard boxes A mattress and assorted things Cans of food bottles of drink I suppose … Continue reading

The Robin Hood Army

The Robin Hood army Fighting wastage they Came up with a great idea Where volunteers each day Give their time and energy Give their love and care It’s an enlightening prospect To recycle and to share The waste from local … Continue reading


Places we abandon We just ran away And left whatever we did there To create the new decay Where life appears to continue The animal earthlings they Move in and take up residence As soon as we go away Despite … Continue reading

A homeless man

A typical street just anywhere In this day and age Huge great corporations With balance sheets off the page Sitting in a doorway A homeless man who knows His circumstances nobody But his sadness surely grows No home no bed … Continue reading