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To all you rotten sods who wear fur or skins

Wearing the skin Of another being What does that make me Am I all seeing Am I a monster Seemingly so Why do you do this When clearly you know A rabbit or a bunny A fox and or a … Continue reading

Live exports

Who ever thought up the trade In the living Shipping live cargo In holds far away Imagine the shock and the fear And the awe It pLays with their psyche And weakens their core With the roll of the sea … Continue reading

Wildness and the whole hunting theme

Existence, subsistence, eternity The whole life cycle where we The human, the hunter, encouraging those To come and spread fear and just be Undeniably practising murder Of the enduring and eternal flame What is the nirvana of many A groundless … Continue reading

Trophy hunting

With drought killing elephants What do we see The wankers and bankers The small brained who be Coming to Zimbabwe To sample The fair Shooting the big 4 Because they live there America reverses the rules So to say By … Continue reading


Fibrous structural protein nails feathers And horns Claws and hooves and of course hair The animals are pawns To quackery and nonsense And for this so many die The pangolin its scales Are used but for healing that’s a lie … Continue reading

THe Poachers of Kerala

Kerala is establishing a bad name So I hear Torturing elephants poaching Bison IT iS very clear Us ANIMAL rights around the world Are noticing the trend The Indians are cruel and vile And it better end six killed a … Continue reading

Yellowstone Bison Killers

So a great new idea let’s kill of BISON 900 of them they Will create a massive market For the butchers Who will pay A high price and the profit Will increase aggression and The hides that all that leather … Continue reading


GADHIMAI God all mighty Existence if it’s known Uncreated and unmade These murderers have blown Their chances in the afterlife Through ignorant acclaim Murdering the innocent Can now only inflame The baseless groundless evil That exists in soulless fools Insubstantiality … Continue reading

“Big cow” The Cape Buffalo

Intellect and consciousness Nature’s guru who Understands the world of Natural living Very few men could even contemplate The knowledge they possess Their power of thought Deliberative But so put out by stress Lindsay Hunt was a hunter A killer … Continue reading

Yellowstone -The times they are a changing

Dylan was out there in front long ago Times were a changing as we all know And now its the climate existence abroad Its actuality that some can’t afford Looking at yellowstone That great sanctuary With the realization That a … Continue reading

The great American West

When you look back on real history The realization comes Not from visiting the moon But the sound of native drums The wigwams by the river The bison herds who ran The wilderness was teeming Thats when the west began … Continue reading

Buffalo slaughtering in Yellowstone

The existence of grandeur The presence of greatness The BISon herds eternal force Immortal in many ways grounded And special their pedigree really the source Yellowstone Park The wilderness place Potentiality rules These amazing animals Wild as can be Managed … Continue reading

The immature seem to know so much

Having parents that are qualified To assess all situations Living in the wilderness Will see some altercations Packs of wolves and buffalo The carnivores delight Provided there is instinctive knowledge All will end alright But headstrong youth can ruin The … Continue reading

The Bison and his in built fear of man who has never really been kind to him

How sad this is it shows us the great Bison who runs along our roads he dare not wait for man has guns and weaponry and a spitefulness abroad and the Bison do pick up on this with all its … Continue reading

Who killed 3 Bison in Yellowstone $5000 reward

$5000 reward we hear some troll without balls took his fear into the park and shot all 3 Bison last week incredibly these are the trools that do frequent the hunting scene and seem so bent on murder  mayhem and … Continue reading

Yellowstone Bison

Why is it man believes he always  has the right to manage a wild species he fail to  see the light his head is full of darkness its money thats his god cattle farming and brucellosis coming from the sod … Continue reading

Being tenacious doesn’t reward you necessarily

The Grizzly Bear pounced on a Bison one day the Bison not ready to die or to pay such a great price he loved his life so loved a special Bison he did love her so he just couldn’t bear … Continue reading


the argument they use against us is one where they forget their circumstance the day is done when they cared for their cattle and sold it abroad to a lot of small outlets who had to afford whatever prices they … Continue reading

Inspired by the true story of the Bison who fell into the bog

To love and care is to realise how love must always be the greatest part in all our lives for in its grasp, we see so much of the world out there the nature of each place each soul their … Continue reading

The Bison

Bearded, sleek and powerful Our friend the Bison, who roams the realms of Yellowstone and other landscapes too 6 feet, from hoof to shoulder and can weigh some, 2 tonnes The females average half that size And the bold one … Continue reading