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She’d been in this pound a lifetime For some reason no one cared A bit excitable and skittish Clearly hadn’t fared All that well alone in there With nobody to care Just Treated like a number Although very aware Seemingly … Continue reading


I was brought into a city pound Triviality A life not worth considering Uneventful seemingly Very emaciated No love around you see Skin and fur in a matted state Of neglect, a travesty Whoever had been helping Had an inability … Continue reading


A homeless dog Kept following different ladies on the street Affirming some acceptance Or hopeful of a treat Disguising one’s affection Is no a easy thing to do Being a homeless animal and being voiceless too A white dog Clearly … Continue reading


A very busy street in town In a disabled parking bay A very hesitant rather mangy Dog came by to pay Her dubious respect to us And to her we did say She had been in the neighbourhood For months … Continue reading