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The Tarkine2

The Merino Sheep Farmers Had whispered the message The awful destruction The brutal ordeal A stench of disruption Of the immortal and giving So vital to life force And everything living So much symbiosis The survival of all The distress … Continue reading

Ecuador and the gold hunters

Prospecting for gold Where eternity sold Its soul from the earth We now hear And indestructible force Direct from the source The rainforests too They will clear Panning for gold So many now sold On the thought of the riches … Continue reading

The Tarkine

How thoughtlessly annihilate The wilderness of souls The aboriginal custodians How history controls Our very life the air we breathe The land we walk upon The Tarkiners for 40000 years They had not gone A realness and actuality An enduring … Continue reading

It just feels So ominous

Zimbabwe and the Hwange National Park A splendid place The largest Natural reserve I hear Where many animals grace Between Bulawayo and the Victoria Falls So famous in a way Close to Dete and the Kalahari A Great Place to … Continue reading