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Degradation and mindlessness

This fracking lark is gaining some momentum Obama and his people seem to feel If energy is actually on their doorstep Then there’s qudos and home producing is for real Hydraulic fracturing is apparently An earner it’s suggested by a … Continue reading

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For the ignorant boy

For the ignorant boy It was easy to kill The creature that sat On the top of the hill There in the grass With his shoe he did smash The creature lay squashed Life, then death in a flash God … Continue reading

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Pilot whales

Forever chemicals Faroese people Know of the threatening streams Tragically For years they ignore us Animal rights people They talk tradition And now frantically Cancers are showing up Not just from mercury PCB’s Fire retardant’s Water Proofing as well Eating … Continue reading

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Pheasant shooters 2

Imported from France As most of you know No parent input Thus little to show Of how they evolve In the Natural World Many fly into shooters Their impetus hurled Murdered with lead That contaminates The birds and the countryside … Continue reading

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