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The strength of will Is with each bulb That determination to Be so minded to flourish Its necessity is true Ruled by the planet Venus Its gender Feminine Its element is Water Where powers of love Begin To realise the … Continue reading

Often taken for granted

Mid way through October And often what we take For granted are the leaves Thats rustle and that shake The veracity of Nature A compendium so clear Colours changing everywhere From bloodlessness to cheer Flush and blush and glow and … Continue reading


Buttercups and daisies the little knotted rings children  made for mothers Ranuncular  he sings  beautifully the legend says this glossy yellow flower that grows in grassy meadows And captures solar power  this is chiefly to attract insects and to make … Continue reading


It’s all over my garden it came via the birds a soft leafed creation and I am lost for words its called “Billy Buttons” with a cup shaped flower ruled by the moon and I am wondering how   such … Continue reading

RoseBay willow herb or FIREWEED

After war   fire and destruction Many people  found On bomb sites  and where bombs had fallen Bright new shoots came   From  the ground signs of new life wonderfully a species pioneer they  coined the name of  bomb weed  or … Continue reading

Speedwell,Veronica,Gypsy Weed, Birds Eye.

From the labyrinth at The Rollright Stones the Cotswold ‘s  Order  who planted it beside the circle its what druids do   from  it’s very being there has risen Beautifully the wild plant known  as Speedwell or Veronica We be   … Continue reading


Who is that Honeysuckle My enduring friend? who follows generations singularly to lend cohesiveness and hardness and it’s tenderness to be compliant  yet defiant In Its adaptability    curiously it sends  its bio energy across  the many life times to … Continue reading


A native flower whose beauty Empowers  the poet  who sees its form and fears the storm but knows its able to cope with Summers  breezes rocking is its way for  it’s beauty’ is  in its form how its spreading petals … Continue reading

Oestra and the woodland

A walk in the woodland With a sharp eye to see The beautiful pasqueflower Wind born and free It’s feathery sepals A sentinel who Is a signboard to Spring When the coolest of dew Hangs from the leaves It’s a … Continue reading

The early riser

An early rising met with a surprising violence She Is suffering She’s feminine in flight Clearly wanting nothing of what is this early roughness As the Tedium of Winter tries to smite Her waxy green leaves coping with this fury … Continue reading


It blossoms in wild February When doubtless snow and rain And even hail may come to fall All part of a chain Of events each dainty drop of snow White blossom on a winters day If upright it would catch … Continue reading

Wind flowers

Anemone or wind flower It ornaments our woods It grows by shooting clusters Downwards And it’s little hoods On slender stems Are modest Are delicate and frail Stoop and try to touch it’s petals When it suddenly can pale Into … Continue reading