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Corporate water

The Corporates are good at looking after number one Who cares about the water of life A loaded gun Spewing forth their excrement Into a chalky stream Means little to the board member Who never stops to dream Pollution of … Continue reading

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The kiss

That kiss of love Emaciation Holding an ape Is their salvation Clearly they shot the creature Dead It’s energised grimace Has lead Me to think And probably us all to vomit Constantly Generating hatred for The lovers

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Chinese Medicine and wild animals

Evertything was written down Transcribed from long ago Instilled and inculcated By people in the know The want for the wild essences The connectedness of need By implication perspective For remedies to succeed Whats pertinent and applicable Absolute and true … Continue reading

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Tigons and Ligers

Captivity arrogance Humanity The hideousness And the graceless desire Of defacing nature Of starting a fire In people’s emotions What is surely a crime A male tiger mates with a female Lion In the wild it won’t happen So rape … Continue reading

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