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Why what do we ever achieve by hating and ignoring

A cartoon of soughts Echoing thoughts Correctly stated Personally weighted Questioning why When we die Then what happens After we lie The old heart stops Then we go We don’t even cough By that time can’t glow Our internals vanquished … Continue reading

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Universal dupery

Shenanigans and skullduggery its so beyond the  pale to get through this we have to find our back bone And the trail just  using  our  minds to resonate And  to banish all this fear Deceit  it’s bloody  everywhere Bias that … Continue reading

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Humanity is clearly off course One now has to feel We lack realisation And somehow we conceal The obvious awful danger To the wider public who Live their lives as best they can But remain unseeing, who In their right … Continue reading

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Yellowstone – pika colonies

Colonies of pika run The gauntlet in the frosty sun Coyote hawk and weasel might Like a take away at night But pika know a thing or two They are very able and all day through Are on the lookout … Continue reading

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