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The Tarkine

How thoughtlessly annihilate The wilderness of souls The aboriginal custodians How history controls Our very life the air we breathe The land we walk upon The Tarkiners for 40000 years They had not gone A realness and actuality An enduring … Continue reading

Poaching on the high seas

We all live on this amazing planet With oceans that present Seventy one per cent of what we have here And we have spent A lot of man years ruining The land mass and the sky And ruining the oceans … Continue reading

Once upon a time our ocean was more than just a dumping ground for plastic

Hear the cries of the many The great tragedy The oceans are dying Cetaceans now be Certain of stresses Coming their way From the plastic And the rubbish And human dismay The realisation Undeniably Where the great expanse Was as … Continue reading

Senses and ancestry

Look at us we have been around For aeons And in that time our maker Made it clear We didn’t need the sight Of say a falcon Our hearing and smell Was paramount And clear Our olfactory centre In our … Continue reading

Die offs nearer to home

Saving the earth by caring By sharing is a trait That needs to be adopted now Before it is too late In Wales over the weekend Jelly fish were seen Beaching near Llanelli Hundreds there have been Moon jellies people … Continue reading


Production is up and growing For so many victims, we Are being turned out now every day So called humanity Upside down in trucks in hospitals We can see them lie Eyes just about open Peering to the sky Their … Continue reading

Poland and France play a merry old dance

hydraulic fracturing and more excuses America retrieves It’s loss of face And it’s disgrace For America believes That to waste so much energy Is rightfully their theme And fracking it gives them back power It’s the all American dream Of … Continue reading

Another Yellowstone oil spill

A pipeline in Montana Spilled 50,000 gallons Of crude oil into Yellowstone And The smell was ghastly there It,tainted their drinking water And the city water plant Stopped pumping from the river From Bridger LLC It had travelled over 60 … Continue reading