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My sanity

There was a time within My living memory When I was wild and freedom Was my thing Captivity the enemy of wildness Derangement and delusions Though does bring Confusion and a mania of purpose A sort of imbecility I feel … Continue reading

Dog rescue

Called out to a dog Running down a road A little grey dog Of no fixed abode Clearly was frighted And hungry and lean And it was hard to catch him Because at the scene He ran about wildly Wouldn’t … Continue reading


He was laying paralysed Clearly in pain Exhausted and dusty In the hot sun again and again DY by day just lying there With his own thoughts Creating despair We found him and Took the sacking a Away His skin … Continue reading


It was April, A brickworks A production machine Took the leg off a soul A mother dog Who had a role In nursing her three pups And now what we saw Was a three legged dog Stressed out for sure … Continue reading


There he was curled up BY the side of a shop Sporting pink walls Was where he chose to stop Clearly abandoned A poodle for sure Neglected and dirty Sat on the floor We put on a leash And took … Continue reading


An old German shepherd From a construction site Chained up during the day And guarding at night Through all the weather The climate dared throw And shot away sadly By the wind and the snow Clearly disabled and suffering so … Continue reading


Heli” was motionless Lying in the snow Bleeding the wrongness You felt and you know This innocent canine A poor soul in pain Had been shot in the back Again and again The lack of pity To just leave him … Continue reading


We received a report By a fast flowing stream A dog there injured And so it did seem We needed to fetch him In the cold snow Shivering wildly As the wind did blow Someone had shot him With buckshot … Continue reading

Blue eyes mother with three babies “Hera”

We were notified In a pipe beside an busy country road Was a mother dog With her babies Carrying one heavy load Clearly little food around In what was such thick snow Nestled in the hedge Cold and windswept as … Continue reading


to Be unresponsive When keeping a hound And to be so insensitive When she’s Round Left out in the cold Just every night Not fed or watered Of course it’s not right That was poor “Indy” That was her life … Continue reading


I Was little I was a senior With a tumour on my head It affected the way I saw things And, what people said People give you weird looks Which brought on some despair And then of course My lifetime … Continue reading