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For the ignorant boy

For the ignorant boy It was easy to kill The creature that sat On the top of the hill There in the grass With his shoe he did smash The creature lay squashed Life, then death in a flash God … Continue reading

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Rosemary and salt

Rosemarys protection Salt’s alkalinity Masculine element fire Planet Sun which be Salt of course it’s clearly Yang vibrations purifying Eliminates negativity For sleep it’s edifying

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Our rivers

Shit in the rivers Shit in the sea The water companies Where can they be Fish clearly dying Humans are too Nobody cares much I am sorry it’s true

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River Boyne

Why is it waste water must end up in rivers The  Boyne  where thousands draw water to drink And from  a meat company who the hell thinks its a suitable medium To me it just stinks maybe he is famous … Continue reading

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Rising Shiva’s abode

From melt water In the Himalayas At Gangotrig we see The mighty Ganga Rise up on its journey to the sea Through Bangladesh and India This tumultuous display Rolling ever onwards To the great Bengal bay Surrounded by so many … Continue reading

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Shanay Timpishku(boiled with the heat of the sun)

In the Mayantuyacu Sanctuary Where the Ashaninka be In the Huanuco high forest A tributary Of the great soul AMAZON A boiling river does Flows 4 miles through the forest The earth arteries they buzz A waterfall and massive pools … Continue reading

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Whale sharks of the Galapagos

What is it that makes the whale sharks Decide To come to the Galapagos No one’s denied Their beauty their wondrousness How they pacify Anyone passing And wondering why The last ocean sanctuaries Seemed so jam full Changeable currants One … Continue reading

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The Danube Delta

A half a million hectares In Romania and Ukraine The second largest in Europe With so very much to gain From wildness of an environment A wetlands thats so green A sanctuary for hundreds of birds Who seemingly convene To … Continue reading

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