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“Pithing up a storm”

With fingers pointing at the moon Their awakening is coming soon Meditation was a role And apparently rigorous self control An insight into taiji’s thought The pithing crowd who Want support The doctrine and the sutras they Practice on their … Continue reading

Iceland 112 and 113

Its continual It is catty and its spiteful The Message Iceland sends No wonder in the world at large Few call them their friends Whales are given short shrift By these callous brutes Unsympathetic morons Who don’t got any roots … Continue reading

Anger and the lack of true understanding

A lack of cerebration And the concept of the damned Pods of streamline dolphins Very often crammed Into so called training pools And manhandled every day And shipped to theme parks Some of them hundreds of miles away A lack … Continue reading

Royal Indian Brasserie new quay west wales

Welcoming A good place With a good vibe And where one is made To feel Relaxed and in the company Of a place that cooks With zeal The spice combinations Considerately proclaim In blends of culinary wizardry Royal India’s good … Continue reading

Kanga RULE

This being The case The great human race Can never keep pace With the ROO Being too far ahead Its true lots are dead But idealism won through An undenible fact So many react Stubbornly brutishly They Have been soldiers … Continue reading


Thats just it Our Anne isn’t happy Stuck in longleat on her own Breathing in all of the cadmium crap And the diesel no doubt Its been shown Those with big trunks they can feel it And being alone Brings … Continue reading

The little plum tree a True story

We had grown the tree For about six years It had lots of leaves And the plum that appears Were generally sweet But it did crop a lot Breaking some branches And then some did rot Ŵe noticed that wasps … Continue reading

Iceland 108-109

The whale watching boats See whales everyday They call them by name How they display “Humpy” a Minke They come into the bay To gorge on the sandeels Thats what they say So there is affection On the whale watching … Continue reading

Iceland 110-111

Educate tourists Thats the idea They come out to whale watch And eat some I fear The darkly drive despots Their aura of blood Affects the tourists Caught up in the flood Of affection and sordidness That does abound Fin … Continue reading

I can tweet and its all been a lie first from the chick and second from the cow

No arms.just fluff But I can tweet. I’m sort of yellow With two pink feet Down i go Roller coaster ride Soon I shall be On the other side Crushed to death Or suffocated Devoid of breath Or even crated … Continue reading


Indiscriminate nets left all over the place By ignorant fisherman Who Are a disgrace They are out for themselves Its not really thinking Its opportunism And true realism Is they all lose out For lazily they Dont check their nets … Continue reading

Nine so called young men pull apart a female goat

Sometimes I sit and ponder At the madness going on In the name culture And tradition Out upon the mountainous Beautiful areas Around yea khatmandu Where the indigenous And the locals Imagine something true They respect life But in August … Continue reading

Scallop wars

The beautiful scallops The shells we know That live their lives In the sea below One part coral One part white But disregarded and out of sight Of the would be fishermen The so called cooks The wide consumers The … Continue reading

Plea to the British and the French Scallop dredgers and the TV chefs

Scallop dredges Or bottom trawls The practice truly It appals Whether French or English Both of you Are causing irreparable damage Do You care as fauna down below Is murdered and scuffed And it will not grow Time and again … Continue reading

Plea to Imran Khan

“cornered tigers” Philanthropy Imran Khan Knew liberty Kaavan I need LIberty The chains And all the cruelty Morahazar Zoo Times have been bad Neglect and iniquity Why I am sad MR KHAN Please could you You alone Do what you … Continue reading

Iceland whalers

A barbed spear Attached to a grope Fired out of a gun A pentathritol tetra Nitrate explosive That wont stun It lodges in the body Of the injured screaming whale Shrapnel and hooks Inhibit its movement reeling it in It … Continue reading

Sasha’s new life

A wild heart full of spirit Found being behind bars Under lock and key all day Life’s enduring scars A Guatamalan Circus Slavery to boot Deprivation ordered Bondage an offshoot A decade of existence Coercion to exclude Every breath of … Continue reading

Monet and his en plein air

Prolific Such exuberance With his riot of colour he Created an impressionistic True philosophy Boudin was his mentor Who Encouraged him To see things that were real To really see and to really be In effect the honest deal He … Continue reading

The hammerhead

A being so advanced More so than human beings who Wickedly go out of their way To murder them A stew Or soup In chinese culture “Yu chi tang”it be Basically of chicken And the fins So cripplingly The hammerhead … Continue reading

Two geese or not two geese that was the question

The joy of love That chemistry Reciprocated It Takes you to another place The light inside you lit And no darkness can can worry you For a goose it is a place Like no other a rapture An exalted space … Continue reading

Dee’s will Please

Pea protein And navy beans Black beans And mushrooms Flax seeds The taste buds Already aware Nutrient rich dulse The oceans provider And Dee’s true philosophy Of love and care Her sausages they Include all of her wisdom A wholesome … Continue reading

Iceland106 and 107

The Icelandic whalers are wicked Fiends Hunting cetaceans they Drag their victims back to dock And really make them pay The harpoons explode inside of them Where agony is high This is abject torture And is just no way to … Continue reading

Hookstown Fair’s elephants

Ever worn a heavy saddle? And had to give rides all the time Children kicking walking In circles Really theres no rhyme Or reason for us elephants To have to be this way Being made to walk and walk Being … Continue reading

The great APE

Be uncertain whether one might run For you came upon him without a gun In every probability It was plausible and presumptive he Might lash out at you But possibly If you kept quiet And delicately Avoided eye contact That … Continue reading

Wild child

The forest swallowed Amy As Into a cave she fell And there she lay amongst the cubs Under their wild spell Innocent with her state of grace And incorruptibility A tiny human baby Above suspicion Delicately She just became one … Continue reading

Plea from an old elephant to Imran Khan

I am hoping that you can help me I am stuck in here in this zoo With nobody who cares for me Really whatever I do In a really inadequate enclosure Often in the searing heat No foliage to interst … Continue reading

To hunt to kill

Hunters poachers trappers Murderers they be Without respect for life Beyond their own mentality Below the salt below the stairs Plebians without rank No respect for anything Brazen faced and blank Cowards behind their rifles Audacious as can be Ambush … Continue reading

Japan and African Ivory

Yahoo Japan is very very lenient With trade on ivory sales spparently Despite Rakuten closing down its platform YAhoo could not care less it seems to me The elephant should be much more respected The criminals we know are everywhere … Continue reading

Iceland 104 and 105

104 and 105 The poor souls They could not survive Their heavenly realm Beneath the sea Cut short by LOFTSSON Tragically Endangered an unexpected revelation An explosive detonating force That clearly knocked them Both off course Like a thunderbolt from … Continue reading

The Raven and the wolf

A raven called oblivion And a wolf called expectation Assumed they could be friends for life Which filled them with elation If only I could fly the wolf said If only I could howl No matter said the wise old … Continue reading