The hammerhead

A being so advanced
More so than human beings who
Wickedly go out of their way
To murder them
A stew
Or soup
In chinese culture
“Yu chi tang”it be
Basically of chicken
And the fins
So cripplingly

The hammerhead
Has eyes to see
Three hundred and sixty degrees
Above and below
As well we know
Electro receptories
It is an amazing creature
Its design the cephalofoil
A truly enlighted being
At present in turmoil

Which Exists due to the ignorance
And arrogance of those
Who believe its right
To murder and this now does pose
Serious attention for
The numbers are dropping fast
“Finning” is the reason
Tne die it seems is cast

The soup some eat in China
Is basically chicken stew
It really tastes disgusting
But then some people do
Play up to the arrogant
Spreading many lies
And of course huge margins
Which should come as no surprise

And these sharks are really suffering
They have never hurt a man
They are totemic animals
In Hawaii and they scan
The oceans they should be respected
Instead what we now see
Is the wicked and the ignorant
Torturing them mercilessly

Catching them and slicing off their fins
And overboard
Leaving them to suffocate and die
Who can afford
the karma
And the agony these innocents attract
Because of wicked sniggering louts
And how some do react

“Qumakua” the sacred one
Need protection, we
Have to stop these blackguards
Finning constantly
Alienate the eating houses
Offering this stew
They are a bunch of bastards
A really violent crew

Its insufferable to allow this
Its offensive this abuse
No women should entertain any man
Whatever his excuse
Its loathsomeness and malignity
Really an affront
It must be banned unequivocally
Those caught we must confront

And put them into prison
For at least 10 years
Put the bloody wind up them
Heightening their fears
Stopping them from doing this
Its a really awful crime
And only really with such a threat
Can we give these souls more time

We have to save the hammerheads.
and all the sharks for they
Are going to save our oceans
Otherwise we shall pay
Big time we are spoiling
Everything we touch
Human beings sicken me
Sicken me so much.

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