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Plants whose sentient Godliness Artists of the pagan clan Wisdom wild and wonderful Wilful wily wondrous Fan like leaves, that lean As lithe as long the leaping Lapping leveret Softly surrounds the Soulful savage Sending spirals So ill met Angles … Continue reading

Waccatee ZOO

Waccatee Zoo Its roadside HELL Sweaty dirty cages Pacing we can tell Grumbling clearly suffering Under your vile spell In the dust and violence And Kathleen Futrell On show a so called zoo No one needs to see Lila’s stress … Continue reading

A mother PIG tells all

Farmers they are piss poor And as ignorant as sin They force me to be pregnant You see I cannot win Then thrust me in a wire cage I cant stand up and so I lay there feeling grumpy Oh … Continue reading

Bullion by POST

On a cold covid day Whats better than toast You got it thats quick! Yes BULLION BY POST Siver and Gold Peter and Paul Their system is tight And overall Easy to contemplate Brilliant, despite All the restrictions These two … Continue reading

Ankara or Angora “Caveat Emptor”

A breed of Rabbit Associated originally with Turkey That was taken over to France In 1723 Their Royal Family loved their silky Soft fur and it seems from where Another ten varieties were born And one remains still there these … Continue reading


Che, took on Dear Kaavan’s need The plight the fight could he succeed The zoo was poor The High Court there Decided to close it Just despair MARGHAZAR ZOO A dirty place A rotten floor Just a disgrace Pakistan should … Continue reading


Murdering pregnant mothers Thats what their whalers do This small Roqual Baleen whale You see they take the view They will not be dictated to By the IWC And like to help their the JAPANESE When they are dead they … Continue reading

Victims of Hunters

The internet Safari’s They advertise And tell Hunters who want Holidays Which do amount to Hell For animals in Africa Living where they were put The wilderness the landscape Its out there underfoot Here is one bold feline A cat … Continue reading

Fox hunting gentry scumbags

Aiding and abetting The scumbags of the soul Sinning illegalities Their misconduct role Suspected blamed and censured Toffs that all they be Fino down the proverbial hatch Conmen actually Out there on their horses Rascals clad in red Jodhpurs to … Continue reading


Suffering is exceptionally awful Elephants together seemingly When their stomachs empty On that edge of appetite Desire wont go away And sympathy Is hopeless for in wildness When the vegetations gone Jungles fenced off farming Then sadly upon The world … Continue reading

The time of day

Lacy branches Leaflessly Allows the November Sun to be Hiding gazing Meditation A bird or two Find their salvation Black of feather Underside of slate and purple Far and wide Defiance in a daring way Challenging The time of day

Dystopian Nightmare

Dystopian Nightmare Its already here AB in Oxfordshire And it was clear A public road Green trees everywhere The moronic were on him Wanting to scare His space, unenlightened Threateningly Forced him to stop And, Aggressively Held him security Private … Continue reading

Wilderness Warriors

Wilderness God made Each part of it, he Created the balance The plant and the tree The lakes and the deserts And animals too The heavenly balance An whats coming through Habitats lost The great pioneers They brought in their … Continue reading

Holly (wood)

A tinne a bar of iron Forged deep in a fire Using holly the charcoal A chieftan would he tire God of thunder A warrior whose spirit Males intent No nobler tree In all the wood Evergreen was meant Flowers … Continue reading

Behind closed doors

The rusty gates rock violently Unloaded pigs can smell The death the pain the torture As they enter a Hell Not there of their making The squeals they understand The stench is really everywhere In them nothing was planned They … Continue reading


The low of the low The wicked you know Ungodly amoral All of these things No license to kill An iniquitous pill Heartlessly cold And all that that brings They have no emotion They are obscene Backsliding low life Who … Continue reading

A Gambian Boy

Big brown eyes A solid smile A forest gazer And many a mile He runs His gait is fast and sure Wildness and his Need for more His comprehension Its from his core His choice of food He loves it … Continue reading

To facebook and Twitter

Very sad the censorship As inoffensive souls The clanging sound of corporates Conspiring with the trolls To stifle our emotion And devotion to the now Of drawing positivity And just wondering how

Ungulate Milk

The process of thinking Should have by now Made us realise That our mum’s not a cow That she is a human And breast fed us too Well some of us Others drank cows milk We do Clearly lose sight … Continue reading


Lobsters have more feeling That pain imagine that Boiled alive Who could survive Where are such humans at Chefs so called Inveterate louts Screwballed heartless sods Boiling water Soupy smells Hail and mighty Gods Cometh to the frothing pan As … Continue reading

Masked and forever mute

History is being Deleted we all see Statues of past heroes And others wickedly Torn off plinths And thrown in harbours Its all meant to be Standing stones and dolmens Where is the sanity? Sabatts and their meanings The seasons … Continue reading

Stone Henge

Grant Shapps He is no mystic No Druid, Witch Not he He approved a two mile Tunnel Under the stones And we Sit back and gaze at the Neolithic grandeur as we pass The henge Known the world over And … Continue reading


Bollywood and the falsity Of skin and tone banality Colonial time saw fairer skin And that is where it did begin Now Indian girls want to look fair Its seen as lovely Because its rare The eye of the beholder … Continue reading


Thinking of souls this gentleman Wild as the afternoon sun An elephant of stature Whose shadow clearly won Respect of other wild souls A regent in his way Deliberate and experienced In his movement through each day Exacerbated with fences … Continue reading


Trafalgar Square The Lions Protestors we could see Remembering Dear Cecil And all that imagery That awful cowardly dentist That bow shot him And ran back to drink his heart out Thats how it all began A trophy hunter The … Continue reading

The “Thunder”

A Norwegian ship built A while ago in 1969 Part of The Bandit six Group With shrewd heads in the line Were there, hunting and poaching In the Southern Ocean where The Patagonia Tooth Fish Resides and likes to share … Continue reading

Eon the energy that warms the spirit into eternity

EON The three red letters The only brand to choose They have the greatest people So really are good news Providing love energy Renewably yes they Regardless of tariff Will always make your day For care and for attention Their … Continue reading


A friend of mine Loves animals A Shepherd of the sea A warrior who worries Of such sincerity Caring for the wild one’s The shared one’s What it does Is fill us with frustration Regrets come flooding to us too … Continue reading

Poaching on the high seas

We all live on this amazing planet With oceans that present Seventy one per cent of what we have here And we have spent A lot of man years ruining The land mass and the sky And ruining the oceans … Continue reading

Long line fishing few prophets its all about profit

Biological Conservation And commercial fishing sees Conflict and improbity And what is dishonesty The Sea Birds like the Albatross Endangered and At risk Are being slaughtered daily In the killing fields Death’s brisk Out there on the ocean Its perilous, … Continue reading