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Advertising works as long as you pay for it

take a chicken slaughter it clean the blood away dress it up and make it dance as part of a display some advertising material sanitize it see carnivores will pass it by they don’t see any plea all they see … Continue reading

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The demon butcher

Here’s the demon butcher cutting up the souls pulling out their internal organs burning out their eyes and setting them al’ight when each poor soul dies it must have been in agony to have this fiend do this a monster … Continue reading

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Beluga’s and the Yogi’s

Beluga classes where’s my glasses? for my eyes can see but clearly I need something stronger where my heart should be where my mind is working for Beluga’s are so wild children of the ocean how we reconciled all that … Continue reading

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Alberta’s tar sands (the environment)

Alberta’s tar sands development is key in Alberta’s mind the inuit the environment the caribou a sign the wolves and other creatures they don’t get a look in its all about the oil and gas those industries they win hands … Continue reading

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Thoughts of wild animals and their plight

Germany works into its infra structure wild life crossings as we do its true whilst we’re building them within the structure we’re also doing our best to kill them too we spend millions putting in vast tunnels for moles and … Continue reading

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Training Bears for entertainment

James and Tepa Hall are human beings but deep within their souls I have to ask humanity and profoundness the plight of wild ones who expect and need the wilderness I need to take to task on why you feel … Continue reading

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My raven haired goddess whose extensions of cherry grow through a forest of hazel where she is a warrior with the brightest of spirits a lass with the strength and the might of a tree she is totally beautiful whatever … Continue reading

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USDA new idea to speed up production

Shit, Pus blood and snot bacteria, chemicals wow! that’s a lot all can be included in the chicken rather than in the bin USDA thinks its a good idea it saves on inspections and its real clear but its only … Continue reading

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It happened in Targovista

Has Vlad the impaler come back to haunt us is he on the streets with his axe after those stray dogs who try to fend for themselves and therefore are out there and beginning to pose a rather big problem … Continue reading

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Its pretty sick that humans have decided we should eat the skin of cows and pigs boiled down and rendered as complete peptides and proteins making up a jelly or a gel as kids we loved those jellies though they … Continue reading

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Help me I have no name and no idea where I came from

On 23/9 they dumped me here not a word not a pat really it was clear now where I was at in some shelter somewhere Yea I smelled that rat its a county shelter somewhere I’d hoped I’d never be … Continue reading

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The White Spring

Well House Lane opposite the Chalice Spring there sits an ediface of ancient stone crumbing as befits an ancient pagan monument it quietly manifests a soulful wistful aura and therein, it rests a haunting apotheosis a raging rasping stream that … Continue reading

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Dog murder (Its a waste of time reporting to FB so I include you in this poem as a last ditch effort)

This has to be the worst thing I think I have ever seen that these men have the gall to create this is quite obscene how face book as a so called Social Media machine can broadcast this and not … Continue reading

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Fracking affirmation (read it everyday)

Leave our land you bloody morons with your band of coppers all who star protecting you whilst ruining our countryside we are not the enemy YOU ARE! these rich corporations with the chancellors backing come into our neighbourhood seemingly attacking … Continue reading

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Chalice Well Glastonbury’s secret garden and area

  Chalice Well, an idyll, resting by the side of a busy road peace and timeless fascination seduces hearts, helps them unload stressful moments float away across deep thoughts an elysian grove within a yew strung treasure trove silence is … Continue reading

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The problem with our planet is there are far too many carnivores and not enough vegans

The early nineties showed the world what happens when greed and arrogance just go hand in hand Atlantic Cod were decimated, torn apart the unintended by catch, understand the fishermen are into catching fish and selling fish eco systems are … Continue reading

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What some people do for effect

I don’t know what is happening and why so many do such really sick things to animals and video it too stick up on face book the cruelty and pain I mean it is beyond so many and its all … Continue reading

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Flea markets

This is not China and its not Korea actually America it is right here Florida’s hot and we’re in a cage its dirty, its filthy and we’re here for an age we don’t get no water we don’t get no … Continue reading

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The Warriors Call

The Warriors call is now to us all it comes in the form of a spell which doth warm our hearts and our souls for truly we all believe that this fracking is bloody well lacking common sense which as … Continue reading

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In the Okavango Delta Botswana an elephant hit the dust

Its legal to go hunting in the Okavango Delta Botswana welcomes hunters with their rifles in their hand welcomes lots of ammunition all of that is grand waiting like a infidel in the bush in case an unsuspecting Elephant should … Continue reading

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Its too late for us please help save someone else

A mum and her baby head on the wire barbed of course! why not? its man un kind’s business and both of them are to be thrown on the fire that is my way of telling you These two will … Continue reading

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Terminology that’s turned the tables on us all

I think we have to question the terminology which has shaken the Sea Shepherd adopting the strategy of pirates in their marketing they are never pirates they are reasonable and caring souls committed to saving the day for all of … Continue reading

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Oostvaadensplassen ( a so called Nature reserve)

Apparently this wilderness was reclaimed from the sea and it was dammed creating a vast area the key 5000 hectares crammed with animals a “jurassic park” with herbivores not put there by nature but to the sound of some applause … Continue reading

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what we do and what response we get from what we do is not just what we do you know its what others think of you and how they would react themselves to visual aids let’s say hanging beavers stripped … Continue reading

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Angels ( that’s what they are)

Every conceivable outfit a costumier’s delight to present a glorious grotto embracing rainbow light when you open the door to another world you feel it straight away you leave the the West End bustle really as if to say I … Continue reading

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Species check starting with the tigers

Caring about all species apparently would seem to have dropped now in importance but some I think, do dream about the earthlings and their plight but the greatest number say its people that are important, animals have had their day … Continue reading

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“Bella sad little Bella all alone in the world

“Bella” was dumped by her owners do you know what its like to be thrown away just discarded nobody loves me today that basket I slept in the mat by the door the biscuits I like I don’t have them … Continue reading

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who ever’s doing it is making me sick

This morning I saw slashes every which way chem trails they are up there plastered across the sky above trying really very hard to scare the daylights out of all of us down on the ground the cadmium and aluminium … Continue reading

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The last mistake I will ever make

Out in the forest thick thick snow a vile wind tearing far from slow a blackening vista a sombre gaze going back to the cave its was one of those days I kind of nodded off I suppose something flipped … Continue reading

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farm animals are abused and few carnivores and milk drinkers

Farm animals are sadly treated crudely rudely their awakening becomes drums inside their heads that never stops dreadful pounding nothing grounding a mentality where illusions are for sops where cruelty is every place and no place where beatings two a … Continue reading

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