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Carers and the hospital parking fiasco

Mr Philip Davies Won his oratory wings In the house he did his bit And we know now what it brings More difficulties for carers Visiting hospital for they Are having to pay a ransom And this is not the … Continue reading


Japan is becoming more of a pariah Every day Its killing methods increasing We are in the end game, pray To the goddess she needs to see this Needs to feel this Needs to be All seeing of this agony … Continue reading

Long term condition

The NHS stay well book Dropped on the mat Get ready for winter So know where you are at Go get a flu jab then sooner you will be Face down on a slab But no one will see In … Continue reading

Perhaps a pear will remind you

How we eat is important For how we eat may be Causing a sweeter future For your best friend actually Bury me under a pear tree That my bones may feed that tree And you may eat a pear or … Continue reading


Some hunters use the word To justify now what they do They talk up conservation But they do not have a clue What they do stemmed from the past When people long ago Were basically hunter gatherers Supplemented with what … Continue reading


The thing that always puzzles me With the carnivores around They eat the standard farmyard souls That once walked on the land Under the warm sunshine And the cooling rain They lived on what they were born to eat And … Continue reading

Dimbo grumparse

Dimbo Grumparse had a long name A very special little animals shell Precisely because he was The biggest pain in all the world And, that was because He had been all things to all people But lately had become Nothing … Continue reading

Its coming to something

Its coming to something when elephants die At the hands of their protectors What a damned lie Employing such bandits These cruel blackguards who Usingj cyanide poisoned the last 22 Before them 40 of all ages were killed And some … Continue reading

Mind you!

I point my sweet Advice at you Those who gave up flesh All through their lives till then may be They were a sick depository And then it dawned on them that they Would try to use another way They … Continue reading

Why be a dick?

Medicines do nothing For a body that is sick And drugs are bloody useless Why are you such a dick? To listen to those white coats Peddler’s of them who Get their kick back quietly And, smile at you too … Continue reading


We hear just now That franks and sausages May have human DNA It must be from Someone’s saliva Or perhaps their piss Along the way Vegetarian sausage too have meat No wonder where they are made In apparatus never Cleaned … Continue reading


Prisoners, we create so many From animals who once were wild The elephants chained to a wall Fully grown but as a child Looking sad and so frustrated Beaten when it suits until Once they were happy in their jungle … Continue reading

Poacher Palmer the tooth embalmer

So it all now comes out in the wash The poacher Palmer did Break the law we all were sure In his rotten bid To kill perhaps the most famous Lion To slap it on his wall This miserable bloody … Continue reading


Clearly Tysons were somewhat upset From the Peta video and poem That let Them know in so many terms Their operation Was not to be proud of Through out the nation They were appalled and said This real fast One … Continue reading


Corporate greed well it seems to succeed Profits, through the roof They are not aloof To amazing balance sheets And pay no heed To cruelty its about speed Speed of killing Make the birds grow fast Their bodies unwilling Their … Continue reading

Wifi is killing us all

Wifi and tetra and smart meters they Are pinging our forests And what can i say Drive for a while And you may soon see The cell towers Emitting the micro wave qi Bees and other insects Cant live with … Continue reading

Once it was ours

Once we had forest And the greenest plain Caves just to lie in To dwell and refrain From seeing those humans We could hide away But as time passed They came and we lost out ok Nature was on our … Continue reading


A hunter truly is a maniacal POS He goes and stalks the angels In their habitat, The pit he crawled from is his home I hear Where even rats and fleas Would never ever plant their feet Nor cockroaches would … Continue reading

Grandfather bear a story of Florida

A victim of human destructive ability An old bear half blind and alone Living deep in the forest A florida Forest Harvested that was the tone Shot to death sporting some vintage Handicapped sadly was he Considered superfluous by human … Continue reading

Crab sales

Marketing the corporate message Often in plain sight Take the shrink wrapped crabs We see And know this isn’t right Ignorance of how a crab breathes Clearly it shows here When taking aquatic creatures From their realm It does appear … Continue reading

Aradia autumnal

The park bench And the sorcery Spellbinding the illusion There of everything I now can see Mumbo jumbo could be that Wonder worker Where we are at Autumn the grandmother Fascinated she reconciles The colours come The colours stay The … Continue reading


Excitement Opening presents Joy in every form Great big eyes All realise Their satisfaction warm Showing everybody What they have got so true Some had very little Whilst others made it through Here we see at yule tide Masses of … Continue reading

More from the serial killers of the forest

A bear within the confines of its environment By the grace of god A shot rings out There is no doubt The shooter is a sod He is laughing you can hear him As the bear begins to groan Clearly … Continue reading

Fruits of the forest

Mushrooms have some value As medicines for they Are wild and in their wildness Nutritionally they say The forest does hold secrets Old plum trees shield them, they The reishi has longevity And they can save the day The ancients … Continue reading

One of the sirens brood

Full of freckles Dressed to kill A great male lion Has had its fill From tHis sad evil POS All smiles now But not a bit Of bravery there Look how she poses Clearly not The queen of roses Exposing … Continue reading

Matacreep go back to sleep

Look at his braids His bright pink socks His cape of blood The Great beast ROCkS Horns a pointing upwards to His heaven somewhere in the blue He has been stabbed So many times Weakened and bleeding but still He … Continue reading


A 280 round behind the shoulder A black bear in your sight You pull the fucking trigger And she runs with all her might Toward you she’s not any coward She wants to take you down You are in her … Continue reading

Points to who

The hands the points The fucking joints The gums The thumbs Just who anoints The neck Just check And try to see What is this Biontology Anti tetanus Serum ovile Little flannel flower Reconcile Appendicitis nux vomica Syzygium or myrtle … Continue reading


This planet is in a parlous state Both the natural world and ours Destruction of the forests Our arrogance now towers Far above just about everything Humanity can bow Down towards the horizon Asking themselves how They ever got this … Continue reading

81 dead

The people of Florida The so called hunters Paid one hundred bucks And went out on the trail 81 black bears just simply carnage Slaughtered like crazy How could they fail They need not go far Just into the forest … Continue reading