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Living in the forest

For the city folk it’s so   indulgent to live in the forest with the bee’s  and the Birds to rest in one’s bed with the roar of bears possibly And perhaps some wolves howling You’d be  lost for  words … Continue reading

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It happened in Aspen Colorado

People living where wild bears are Leave the home unlocked Bears preparing to hibernate Are hungry and it shocked The residents and the sheriff Who the next day laid a trap Euthanised them and killed them Forest Parks and Wildlife … Continue reading

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Dead and hanging

Hanging but no decoration Blooded snout it’s whose salvation eyes wide open seeing little mouth engaged In drying spital Suffering it did that sadly The perpetrators did it badly A beautiful soul foundHeaven’s sty Somewhere in another sky

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Anyone fancy paddling in the solids

Our beautiful beaches Are getting the crap The beach goers sadly Are in a flap Swimming with solids And god knows what more Bobbing about In what once was the shore

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Karma it is out there It’s dreadful power has weight To slaughter such an animal Nothing will negate The ugliness personified The evil at the core Its frightfully obnoxious When that creature deserved much more. The  hunter killed  it

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Energy prices through the roof

The CEO of British Gas Is earning enormous dosh All the energy magnates Getting it golly gosh Whilst every single householder Is getting whipped like hell Savings what the fuck are they This is a draughty spell

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Tape worms

It’s true a little egg I be A tapeworm wanting to be free To leave this dead flesh And move to Your rotten gut and there to see All the garbage you consume The amounts of dead flesh It’s a … Continue reading

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Batteries where chickens spend their days

Frustration said the chicken Pulling its feathers out One by 1 under the sun Just be in no doubt I haven’t flown 4 ages I couldn’t if I tried lied. My battery has just gone flat Free range haha I … Continue reading

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Slaughterhouse kalma

Meat equals dead flesh Cooked in cows butter Possible a duck egg And anchovy fish imagine the karma You put in each dish Babies and mothers Slaughterhouse victims Is it any wonder Consumers get sick

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Live exports of terror

At present on board And the swell is a pain We are falling about It’s really insane Off to the Middle East Where we all know We are going to be killed In the spit and the flow Probably halal … Continue reading

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Mothers who know Their babies will be taken away And abused tragically Of course they defend Their new born of course This is their family Born from the source

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Limping into the sunset an old Porker

Injured escaping In terrible pain He is not giving up He is taking the strain Jumped off the death truck Got up and tried To make his escape And not be denied Poor soul

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Food should be enchanting

Food ought be enchanting And how can that be When made with a baby Who wanted to live Who was tortured and tearful And then had to give It’s life and it’s future And it’s mama Ruined with knowing It … Continue reading

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Chefs talk and culinary monstrosities

Adjectives of beautiful For a sliver of dead flesh A tiny babies kidney With onions a relish A vile engorged liver Made with rampant pain, Chef talk it just sickens me For its more for the the insane And worthy … Continue reading

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JAPAN will never learn Torture and imprisonment

Suma Kobe a new venue JAPAN she never learns Wants To play with living Orcas one poet that yearns For empathy and common sense For Natural life and care Bath tubs made of concrete All ill advised they are

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T V chefs no thankyou

TVCooks are monsters If they stopped to think Y we hold them in such regard They take me to the brink We just throw money at them Make them feel that they Are gods gift,but not to animals Who they … Continue reading

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Teddy bear teaching us meat cooking AD

A teddy bear delivers the monster message he Makes out that he is human Does he want to be He is better off being a bear

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Eating babies

Suckling pig an infant still nursing from its mum Slaughtered in its tiny innocent state It leaves me numb To think that human beings are this sick Greed and more Roasting a wee baby that most souls do adore Imagine … Continue reading

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A Ewe loses her little lamb to be bled out and eaten

A Ewe is a mother whose just given birth At Imbolc she’s feeding her lamb Which is worth 2her all her love all her caring 4she Detests what the farmer now wants 2c Her child being murdered at the abattoir … Continue reading

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Tiny baby bouncing lambs slaughtered for the monsters

Imbolc represents the birth of lambs What of the Ewe By Spring the human Being wants to eat The baby who A tiny innocent baby born into the world & slaughtered its wee body going to be hurled Into a … Continue reading

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India why take away the elephants freedoms

India what r u doing Elephants should be Iconic cared 4loved by all Not slaves disgustingly How is that you make it just more difficult For their freedom’s  2applyand their life path to share  

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A bird crying out for water

Seeing and assisting the needy and infirm A bird dry from exhaustion Who doesn’t need a worm She needs a drop of water Good old Adam’s ale To see her through a sunny day A brighter shade of pale

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Autumn Hunting or Cubbing

Clad not in their red regalia Early morning late or late at night It’s known as Autumn Hunting It’s cub hunting yes alright Hounds don’t become killers Without, being trained So fox hounds they hunt Other fox hounds cubbing Experience … Continue reading

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Sea World Prison

Sea World it’s a name to conjure with The world of the sea That us where sea life is Where it has to be Concrete lifeless bath tubs No other fish or plants Nothing natural under god No soul has … Continue reading

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Beagles and the NHS

Friendly and sweet natured Beagles which is why Experimenters torture them They really make them cry Yelp and feel assaulted Testing drugs alas Everything from the nhs Is animal tested stress Created its sonawful Big Pharma are crass

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Sea horses ground up for medicines

Seahorses r abused all over China Kidney ailments and impotence Seemingly Ground up in almost a hundred medicines This is what they do apparently Some 20 million sea horses r captured 250tonnes a tragedy These r beautiful creatures Afterall.

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Bile harvesting should be a criminal act

Liver complaints &headaches Back in pre history they Captured black bears Cut into their bodies Extracting their bile Nobody cares Animals a cheap form of medicine Its bile extraction oh dear Agony causing nobody’pausing It’s what they do

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Foie gras fatty liver disease anyone for seconds

As children we fed the ducks on the pond Stale bread we thought they were fond As we grew older a good idea Was to force feed these ducks Make them feel  ultra queer Their livers exploded Creating foie gras … Continue reading

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Calves born to die so humans can steal their milk

Millions of calves Little babies Just a few days on this earth Taken from their mothers Whose woe is immense Shot in the head It makes no sense Except you want their milk So they have to die To all … Continue reading

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Chickens deserve their freedom from us

12 million hens are all behind bars Innocent yes of all crimes We steal their eggs and we fry their legs That is the sign of the times They get so frightened The pull out their feathers We are the … Continue reading

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