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Miss Harper

To mutilate an animal to cut off her leg and ear has to be a psycho truthfully that’s clear these people walk about our streets we maybe pass them by could be they smile these raving  lunatics to  reconcile ourselves … Continue reading

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The Arctic sighs with relief Goodbye Shell

Its good to hear that Shell is barred from returning to drill oil The Arctic doesn’t need them they made tempers boil clearly they were inadequate their plans were never clear apparently they were not aware of the conditions, so … Continue reading

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What is the news

Justin Beiber who the hell is he we have to say what is happening to the world we want the news today whether he’s smoking marijuana or racing up the street really doesn’t matter one iota, the elite   are … Continue reading

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A seal or it could be any precious being

What I  will say is those supposedly sentient human beings who omit to feel the immense regard for the earthlings now who do possess the skin that keeps them from the ice and hoary waste they just need the flush … Continue reading

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A handsome beast lays dead today a bloody nose how did she pay with her life on that hot dry ground because the hunter man came around   a loaded rifle primed and hot a trigger pulled she had been … Continue reading

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The earthlings in the ocean

its really very arrogant of all of us to feel that whats going on in Fukashima really isn’t real we are talking about a melt down and radiation which is going into the ocean if anyone should pitch the argument … Continue reading

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Live Exports

Australia has seen some of the worst cases around thousands of sheep and cows have died and few had made a sound   Animals Australia took the matter to the people and with energy really thought it through   the … Continue reading

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Saved from a burning house

Imagine how that dog feels with all the other stories of being frozen in a box so clearly now he sure is   happy that his owner loves him, for he knew if it wasn’t for his valour he’d have … Continue reading

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Frozen to death

Try to imagine just how bad it can be when you’ve been left outside in a carrier, we don’t want to imagine the pain you would feel as the cold settlers in and it does reveal   a shuddering shivering … Continue reading

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South Korea and the dog trade including the Moran Market VERY GRAPHIC

Its as bad as it gets it couldn’t be worse these Korean scenes no one could rehearse   to film it is shaming its brutal its vile having watched it right through can I reconcile   what I have witnessed … Continue reading

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Marcella ( anti vaccination)

Marcela lost her life to a smallpox vaccination, she had it to prevent it but died regrettably   her parents never gave their consent but she was given it anyway Raggetty Ann stood for the grief her parents had clearly … Continue reading

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Certified Palm oil

Sometimes I think its because they are ignorant totally immersed in their own little space rainforest’s don’t even figure in their world which to an activist is a disgrace   But they are in a world of margin and profit … Continue reading

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Foxes our feral friends

we need our feral friends around foxes  were created to provide the essential balances and that is what they do   the hunters on their horses the overweight brigade the schooner supping fraternity on their fox hunting charade   basically … Continue reading

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Chipperfield’s Convenience Store

Its is much more than a Convenience Store its an oasis let me say all sorts of foods on offer and a very nice display   its clean and well presented its prices keen as well customer service is second … Continue reading

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My journey through the Winter of my life ongoing notes for a book

It began in February 2006 I had book to go to Nuernberg it was a a cold icy day that a took a car to Stanstead and caught the plane to Nuernberg. arriving in Germany there were signs of snow … Continue reading

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a poisonous lizard and the oil barons

Gila a monster a poisonous lizard but also a prime site now  out in the sea BP a monster I feel in my gizzard who spewed out its guts of which we’re not free   despite all its PR its … Continue reading

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Its a Fracking cheek

An air of desperation seems to be  about to break as Cameron is sharing every piece of cake   he can with would be fracker’s the fracking gas brigade offering local councils a lot of extra aid   he wants … Continue reading

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Dragging Live dolphins home tied to a truck

Dragging  live Dolphins  behind their trucks has really got to be painful to the worst excess the Japanese seem free   of this kind of emotion there’s a hardness in their soul they seem to derive some pleasure from just … Continue reading

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Why does it have to be lets study them for a while The Faroe’s and their hunting of Pilot Whales

Half way between Norway and Iceland from Scotland some 200 miles around 50000 souls live on the islands their Pilot Whale hunt yes it riles   many of us on the mainland because we don’t know why it should be … Continue reading

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Kill Shelters

We arrived at the shelter its  was bitterly cold barks and yelps cut through the night I just rolled up on the floor in some paper and straw dreaming that someone would fetch me for sure   I will we … Continue reading

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The Pilot Whales and The Faroe Islanders

Since 1948 since they’ve had home rule they have taken on the responsibility the “grindadrap” or hunt for long finned pilot whales driven to the shore line rapidly   the islands are out in the North Atlantic its all about … Continue reading

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I look across at Sea World and imagine how they got really quite so arrogant for intelligent they are not they took a proud and skillful soul accomplished lets us say a master of the oceans depths with an innate … Continue reading

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More slaughter in Japanese waters this time the Dalls Porpoise

More slaughter takes places every year outside the cove at Taiji this is in the northern parts without  the publicity   2 men boats go out to sea and take the porpoise they are always killed and many of them … Continue reading

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What makes a Dolphin click its called a language it means something as others cotton on human beings have no clear idea of what it means that it represents a language out upon   the many miles of ocean it … Continue reading

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Our friends from the sea

There has to be a reason for this madness its never really a sane thing to do You know that Fukashima has been pumping out the toxins and most of it flows straight  into the blue   radioactive water, many … Continue reading

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Take a closer look at the beloved Bottlenose (Dedicated to Maria Therese) a lovely twitter friend

Dolphins are as intelligent as humans and they can be seen perhaps as more so more so, than any man   cleverer than the Chimpanzee who more resembles us non human earthlings thats the Dolphin and we must discuss   … Continue reading

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These films  got into our psyche created in us fear going in the water a fin just could appear a great white it might see us as breakfast and that fear increased out of proportion to the risk and that … Continue reading

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Bliss (after listening to George Harrison and Ravi Shankar)

I recall the blissful state I find when I ‘m thinking of you it transcends every thought I ever had and goes right through into my emotion that devotion and that power every bit of consciousness that washes on the … Continue reading

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Slaughtering horses in Cheshire under vile conditions

They are known as slaughtermen but not men anymore all beyond redemption knocking on Satan’s door sacked! they should be horse whipped a nasty pair of trolls clearly doomed to deviation minus their poor souls   The horse looked fine … Continue reading

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Dragon’s Breath an air of mystery (cider vinegar,turmeric,cayenne pepper,cnnamon,fresh lemon,ginger,garlic chilli,honey celtic sea salt)

A cathartic concoction this cordial will correct and eject with  infinite skill revealing and healing a restorative too as corrective conditions evolve within you Dragon’s once lived on Aradia’s Moor the breath of the beast had the power to restore … Continue reading

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