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Might it be the mite or too much human arrogance

Just when they thought the profit was increasing along comes another unknown mystery disease to remind them, of what they do and how it is not the way living sentient animals should live their lives, but the human meat trade people only see one thing profit, nothing else matters to them Continue reading

The Portcullis House mystery

It seems to make no sense in this day and age, but 12 years ago some bright spark must have thought it was worth it Continue reading

Wintering Whooping Swans

Iran’s wonderful natural habitat attracts wild birds from all over the world to come and winter and enjoy their natural surroundings. A video made by my Little brother Lone Wolf captures some of those special moments Continue reading


Taygu went home to join his family, their loss was too much for him Continue reading

Those eyes

Just a glimpse of a girl in a car she looked out our eyes met, and she was gone
who was she? Was she in trouble? Could I have helped her? Continue reading

The Lion and the Canary

A poem about a Lion and a Canary a Poem about Caring and the seasons Continue reading

Le Roy/environmental degradation and mindlessness

Politicians it seems the world over have this innate ignorance and it allows the unscrupulous corporates to take over energy policies like, tar sands/fracking/ nuclear Power and that is instead of the safer and cheaper solar,wind and wave, and other sustainable energies available to us, the outcome will be catastrophic for our children and their childrens children, but can they see this, they are after short term profit thats all Continue reading

Human Wrongs

Experimentation on animals is unlawful whatever Corporates tell, Governments to say Continue reading


Primates have intelligence without the arrogance of man it just shows what we can learn from them rather than the other way round Continue reading

More monkey business (China to Toronto/Montreal)

Another shipment of Primates by air via Hainan Airways from China bound for Toronto for onward transmission to Montreal to be experimented on and eventually murdered and all in the name of Science Continue reading

Women in Boardrooms are Poetry in Motion

Despite all the capable women about male domination of boardrooms is at all time high, its has to change Continue reading

Tobacco you can keep it

There was never any reason to do this Continue reading

Wild organic salmon no such thing!

It was always a mistake to think you could certify a wild game fish like salmon and make it stick.Money is being made doing it but not without out pesticides Continue reading

The recent Bideford Council story,My take on it as a old vegan/earth warrior

I was touched somewhat by the secular issue of prayers at council meetings and as a vegan/ warrior of the earth I thought I’d comment with my two penny worth Continue reading

Genetic modification and the terminator

GM is now everywhere and its wreaking havoc amongst the biodynamic and or organic natural farmers and growers,taking the so called technology to terminator mode shows me the height of this sad technology Continue reading

I resent the fact that you steal milk from the cow

Well it makes no sense except to the Corporates who seek to usurp human breasts for the udders of ungulates. Continue reading

Ethics and Greenwash

Greenwash the corporates pay the parasites to write them up ethically when in point of fact its probably the exact opposite, but fools more people most of the time Continue reading

Grass cutter ants and Wall Street

Observation of the simple things in life teaches us more than you can ever learn from these economists Continue reading

Chevron/Texaco and the beautiful Ecuadorian jungle

Texaco/Chevron have violated the jungle peoples of Ecuador 2 high Court cases have judged that the oil Companies should compensate but of course no money has been forthcoming.These indigenous people have more sustainablity in their little finger than the moguls running these oil corporations Continue reading

Agent Orange produced by Monsanto and Dow Chemicals for the US Government

The US Thanks to monsanto dropped gallons of Agent Orange defoliant all over Vietnam and its people oh! and of course its own soldiers Continue reading

Snow and some memories

Reminiscing about the old days associated with the snow Continue reading

A Tiger’s Tale

A Tiger’s tale, a rather sad thought at the end, some recompense, although my heartfelt thoughts are that animals will never feel this way, I just wish sometimes they would Continue reading

40 years ago the GM drums were distant now they are deafening me

This is a plea from my heart Continue reading

Our Winter friends Please don’t forget them

As the winter winds drag the temperatures down to minus figures, my heart goes out to those outside earthlings, if we can share a little love with them it would be nice Continue reading

Primates, I Pads and Computers

Inspired by BBC Nature’s article by Ella Davies and Anna Louise Taylor 8/2
The intelligence of Primates/I thought I would add a bit of extra drama Continue reading

Nanuk and how the scent of a Jungle Cat brought back all those wild memories

A story about the effect of the scent of a wild jungle cat on a domesticated Persian Cat in a suburb of Tehran Continue reading

leave the under 12’s out of your advertising Please

Its about time the corporates stopped advertsing directly to children, clearly it won’t happen voluntarilty so lets ban them from doing it Continue reading

Growth enhancers

Nature is our mother she knows best man only think with his arrogance and ignorance he is unable to see the bigger picture and to date the innocent suffer Continue reading

More on Hydraulic Fracturing this time in Bergton Virginia

More on the fracking methods of drilling into shale to extract gas.Somehow in the US there are loopholes about air and water that allow these corporates to offset some of their risks.It is up to local people to fight this tooth and nail Continue reading


A boys eye view of the ignorance perpetrated by his parents Continue reading