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fishermen discarding ghost nets are criminals without a doubt

the falsehoods and artfulness and the disgrace they cannot be bothered all over the place sensitive habitats its becoming clear ghost nets discarded produce so much fear 49 feet deep 56 miles long just imagine that really how wrong ghost … Continue reading

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Sea creatures suffer so

Contaminating and polluting disposal overboard the unconcern, and lack of care the lethargy its everywhere lines and hooks such apathy the oceans feel the phlegm and we each creature stoically does try to live our lives a wondering why sharks … Continue reading

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A Manta Ray’s wings create The peace and harmony we feel Do we need the music To me that is a steal To be there in the ocean Away from human kind A place where earthlings Dance and sway Use … Continue reading

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Manta Gills (gives me the chills)

The Chinese really cannot keep their hands off any living creature, anywhere it seems that every part of every soul that was created has some piece of it no matter how rare   has some piece of it that will … Continue reading

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