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Lockdown Social distancing Face masks BBC Covid death inflation It’s sUbjugation we Are being slowly softened up By the cabalistic few Our genocidal masters Who do what that lot do Kill the poor old people Who have worked their whole … Continue reading

My testament

So their arrogance created An energy in me Their vile MANIpulation My philosophy To crawl away from ignorance Their ugliest refrain Their wanting to inseminate An elder yet again It would have been the fifth time Such guile such artfulness … Continue reading

Larsen traps

Discriminative but not thoughtful Tactful maybe so Arrogance yes its out there Ignorance on show Human beings imagine That they have the ideas They are always right Thats how it appears We all have reasons to be here Nature made … Continue reading

From the tarn sprung so many bright petals

India took a hammering Its caste system evolved Across so many lines of prejudice Nothing really solved Sentiment and feeling Intimacy beyond The enchantment and bewitching factor What is the eternal bond The intrigue and perhaps seduction Of the spirit … Continue reading

A journey

For all the pain and anguish For all the stress and strain For all the torment you went through Where arse wipes fell like rain Your love, Your care, Your sweet respect And children from your soul A loneliness, a … Continue reading


a baby was the result of a male and female a relationship and a mother who must pay for 9 months she must be the babies place of growth whilst the  male just swans about most every day   the … Continue reading