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Festive Safari’s

Festive Safari’s for Brits just believe a Russian Company Wants to  achieve dosh in the bank with a big guarantee That you can kill Reindeers yes any you see. £6000 quid pull the trigger and see A beautiful Reindeer screaming … Continue reading

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It took courage or did it

It took courage standing up like that with icy water at your feet using a high powered rifle Great Pilot whales you greet porpoises  and narwals Beluga’s  even too Not forgetting an orca maybe  one or two the mentality of … Continue reading

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6th February 2021

Patience is the red kite Circling above A keen eye on the ground below Acquainted to the Dove In that you are both birds Its true But that is where it ends A poem from my window to the world … Continue reading

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Its been two days since the snow fell The rooves still showing signs The pavements too are icy If the old sun shines It melts the snow a little The roads are a slushy mess The gardens though retain a … Continue reading

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Do they really have a choice?

It’s November in the forest And all we hear around Are great big roars and bellows Coming from the hollows All that aggressive sound Means one thing All the big Bucks are searching for a mate It can really put … Continue reading

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Muritz through the seasons

The embodiment of all you ever saw Or wish to see The backbone and the marrow and the core Is adequately Provided by our mother the creator Essentially Great forests lakes and rivers And wild life good and free Muritz … Continue reading

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My Beech is full of song birds On this dull and dingy morning All singing their hearts out Their carolings alive Such exultation of this Winters dankness Revelling perhaps just to survive The night their roost Wherever that was clearly … Continue reading

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The rutting king

Red deer stags And rutting And their creativity Clearly thinking outside their box For originality And a probable cause or departure From the norm one just might say Its their individuality And a genuine display TO crown oneself with bracken … Continue reading

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Prince of Winter

In all of existence There is one such as I The apex predator With a green eye On the land that surrounds us And the wintry blast That tests our abilities To run so fast To identify game To eat … Continue reading

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Frost spangled

The magical effect of Jack Frosts Handiwork An artist’s use of ice work to beguile A fresh cold look of something truly beautiful To sit inside my car and watch awhile To take in the serenity of Winter The givenness … Continue reading

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