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a baby was the result of a male and female a relationship and a mother who must pay for 9 months she must be the babies place of growth whilst the  male just swans about most every day   the … Continue reading

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An elephant lies bleeding

An elephant lies dead and this arse killed it an insult for a man I have to say nobody would notice him a insignificant slob thoroughly obnoxious with a great big gob   how can he have feelings killing such … Continue reading

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Sea world mystery and History

“Blackfish” showed the world that first time footage how the Orca’s were hounded in the wild aircraft, spotters, bombs and acetylene torches chasing after a pod which they defiled   the males went East alas into a cul de sac … Continue reading

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Dentists and mercury(amalgam)their role in the poisoning of environments

The Government have always got it wrong is you ask me Amalgam was used centuries ago I know but we realized that mercury was a toxic substance and to use it in a filling in a tooth could not be … Continue reading

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Morgan actually a Killer whale or Orca

Human beings bent on profit are an ugly bunch number crunching zombies who are all out at lunch they just lie though their back teeth saying they will save an Orca from the elements of course the watery grave   … Continue reading

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USDA and the Seaworld outfit

USDA has told Sea World the crumbling rubber floors which animals walk on when performing now could easily cause injuries and also exposed surgical sutures were found lying about which seeminly infer that Sea world doesn’t appear to care for … Continue reading

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“Someone’s got to do it” a chat with a farm hand/slaughterer

Someone’s got to do it do what I often say someone got to to kill them and do it every day   like cut the  bloody piglets teeth and tear their testicles away and snip their fucking tails off the … Continue reading

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He wouldn’t stop yelping poor little mite covered in fleas that’s fleas that do bite of course he’d be yelpjng just a tiny soul but his bloody human was out of control   no brains to speak of just no … Continue reading

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An analogy of sorts

those of you who wear the dead skin of another soul ask yourselves the question what is now your role the mortal coil has welcomed the evil you display you have your skin but clearly also want to take away … Continue reading

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Lost souls v Spiritual souls

I don’t know if I do agree with this remark in fact lost or spiritual really how both types react to a given circumstance belief can seemingly create a platform in one’s life but a lost soul can walk free … Continue reading

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Primates and the smoking phenomena or exploitation

There is no doubt in anybody;s mind it seems to me that drawing into any lungs particulates will see   stress it must develop and thus to smoke must be futile in the scheme of things but happens constantly   … Continue reading

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Topeng Monyet ( performing monkeys of Indonesia)

The rainforests are extensive a wilderness of  trees branches inter twining its the same reprise we hear it and we feel it the monkeys feel it too complex social groups that do what these groups always do   care for … Continue reading

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HPV symposium in Japan

There have been terrible consequences reported far and wide after girls have had the HPV injections its denied   by medical authorities of course what would they say they point their fingers at the girls and of course they do … Continue reading

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My sister’s passing ( a pig just told me)

Its true each soul has feeling perhaps, more than we hogs or pigs call us what you will but truthfully you can see I loved my little sister she was calm and she was sweet but we are pigs, designer … Continue reading

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Sadists or what (try to re home is no joke sometimes)

Are these people sadists? why do they do these things answer an advert take a dog with everything that brings   then decide to bring it back but take it off somewhere dump it on some roadside edge to face … Continue reading

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Trapped ( the lament of one chicken)

If only I could get out of this crate I know I’d fly somewhere where its safe to, rather than just die   in this crate packed tightly with other souls like me who want a better life than this … Continue reading

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Kentucky red necks

In Kentucky someone paying other people to create dogs for him to shoot at moving targets on a plate   10 to 15 dollars so he can brief his son to take pot shots at little dogs whilst they are … Continue reading

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1000 voices for the voiceless

A train journey from somewhere Piccadilly sights the trees of Hyde Park dancing in the winters light Protesters every which way and around the embassy yellow coated security were all that we could see our bloody hands apparent Sea Shepherd … Continue reading

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The Giant Squid are coming

The Giant Squid are coming but only to Japan they revel in the strontium and cesium their plan   to rapidly absorb it and pass it on to you that sushi that your eating for its what they like to … Continue reading

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Virgin and Orlando and the Whales and Dolphins

Richard Branson let me try to get to you and ask you why? your a bloke who knows a thing or two of three or four I sigh you can bring some real sense to an argument and so my … Continue reading

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Poor cow

The world is full of moronic trolls and  dumbed down gits who’ve lost their souls they revel in the blood of those women children and vile fools they watch and injured cow who drools and cries she begs them with … Continue reading

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Tai ji their innate cruelty

Taiji is known for cruelty their poverty of thought these are most intelligent clearly when they are caught they reason and they question and they feel the abject pain of humans of their compassion which rapidly does drain they are … Continue reading

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The first people had the knowledge but we failed to realize

They had prophesies beyond the time of  coloumbus and his men far back in antiquity they could see and they knew when though they were at the dawn of time underneath the sun were able to have sight and say … Continue reading

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Shouju(Angel) the albino

Shouju lost her mother in the cove near to Taiji her mother never came up for air it was not to be   creation took millenia to so design them, and the Japanese took minutes they failed to understand   … Continue reading

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South Korean Monkey school

In South Korea the monkey schools teach monkeys to entertain dress them up in human clothes teach them to walk its plain comical little figures made up to look as though they are little humans for some just do not … Continue reading

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Dolphins and Orca’s and our ocean mates

Contempt for the world a disdain for the living superciliousness reigns and nobody’s giving any regard not in Tai ji not in the ocean and the whale sanctuary   nobody’s giving they are taking away the lives of the angels … Continue reading

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Bear in a pit

I feel, so alone and I am on my own every hour of every day he made me pay   once I was free and, so happy then he came along and it, all went wrong   it was the … Continue reading

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A Donkey who worked to please

Big Tears we share this morning the sitar we can feel the ropes are being cut away the agony is real   the ignorance of man un kind who exerts his rotten power on an angel  who happened to have … Continue reading

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Penny Jill Dee this is how I see YOU

A Warrior who sits below the clouds and renders much  inspiration to those who understand her touch of genius that overwhelms the soul, that hears the call that knows the want of animals and can and then does school   … Continue reading

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I am decked out in armor from my tail to my neck with a really long horn to keep you in check   the problem for me is my keratin horn is wanted by some Chinese men I should warn … Continue reading

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