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Native rights are one thing

There is apathy and imperturbability The islanders and the Aboriginals do Hunt for dugong in amongst the eel grass And the sea turtles spearing them, its true These are rare and sensitive beautiful animals Native rights is one thing but … Continue reading

Africa’s loss

A mountain moves Ahead of us Startled perhaps by That tell tale rumble In the jungle And that enormous eye A family paid a bounty To see the majestic soul Crash down with its tremendous weight Creating it’s own hole … Continue reading

Lolita the Orca the poor woeful soul

what arrogance this is born out of ignorance and greed and apathy from the public who give these fiends blood money to fill their coffers Continue reading

The Scream Edvard Munch ( another view of why and who)

Munch another reason to scream and scream so loud even the bankers who purport to help the world listen Continue reading