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Ecuador is magical

Throats of fire Volcanoes higher Snow capped mountains Ecuador Beauty enlists The wispy mists And We know what its all for Such passion for the visitors Skies of purple hue Paychwork farmland Beautiful people I always think kindly of you … Continue reading

Gold fever

The presumption of gold in them hills Panning fast A fever is spreading One that may last Attracting the miners The diggers to come With their chemical clouds And Boy they have some Move into the villages In Ecuador Where … Continue reading


The magnificent Andes Marvels of time Snow topped and hopeful That someone may climb Known as New World Vultures Sadly you see Its the quechua respect As to how we fly free We are the Condors ten feet of wing … Continue reading

Pacari Rose

High altitudes More daylight Fresh crisp clean pure air Pinchinchi province Grows the roses Long stemmed And to share Those exquisite aromas Redolent all through In a bar of chocolate Its like a dream come true And all the way … Continue reading


Born from a dream And one hell of a team Essentially Andean charm Cacao the jungle The evergreen sway Born out of Paradise An ethos away Living and growing Giving and knowing Flowing and showing Intrinsically An authenticity Born out … Continue reading


A stunning and amazing soul A mountain full of fire An icy cape a vast great shape Of its beauty I won’t tire It is close to Riobamba From its rocky halo shroud All kinds of purple at its skirt … Continue reading

19th of November

A Quito born Princess With a pedigree that’s true Quechua origination Andean through and through No kinder heart has there ever been Or can really ever be What is this amazing women Doing anywhere near me The avenue of the … Continue reading

Amazonian Womens Collective

The Devils sputum Lying under rainforests Black oil crude In Equador the rainforests Where Moreno and his brood Want to start a drilling Destruction guaranteed And the AMazonin Womens Collective Are working to succeed The jungles there Are green and … Continue reading

An appeal to President Lenin Moreno of Ecuador

Long before you They had settled In the virgins palace where The jungle swept above them Where the sun had bleached their hair Guardians steeped in romance spirited and free Who lived close to their mother It was where she … Continue reading

Accion Ecologica

TExaco Chevron showed you their colours Years ago you knew the score The jungles the people the benefits Told us The oil the pollution The cancer of war And how its all planted In people of courage The Shuar people … Continue reading


Tungurahua or throat of fire Looms over Banos, she Is a lady warrioress Smoking passionately When I was there a shaft of grey Was always in the sky The indigenous know of her spirit And the anger in her eye … Continue reading


She is suddenly there before your eyes Her steep cone rising high With lots of mud flow prints to see Ancient eruptions lie Still steaming at this moment A giant in repose She is south of Quito But on certain … Continue reading

Don’t mess with cascada’s in Ecuador

The Cascada’s splash and crash and crush and rush and tumble down attracting the prismatic light and rainbows and just drown all viable commitment some vast expanses we melt water cold and crisp as cold as it can be listen … Continue reading


Chevron has lost 2 legal judgements and must now pay for the clean up.American Corporations must learn they cannot just leave their mess behind for some one else to clean up. Continue reading