Ecuador is magical

Throats of fire
Volcanoes higher
Snow capped mountains
Beauty enlists
The wispy mists
And We know what its all for

Such passion for the visitors
Skies of purple hue
Paychwork farmland
Beautiful people
I always think kindly of you

Filithy mechanisation
Forest felling
Want the gold
They want the copper
Their insolence
Who needs to see

The greenest jungle
Ripped and broken
The people thrown out
Of their place
Shuar warriors
The greatest people
An ancient tribe
With wondrous face

A vital culture
Raw and ancient
Forest livers
Frank and true
Importing all this foreign labour
Into a place
Its clueless to

The native people
The Shuar the Quechua
Leave them be
They are born
In this green heaven
And mining gold
Was never key

The equator
holds their secret
Ecuador is good and true
The avenue of the high volcanoes
Give protection
Which is true
A magickal place
Inspiring splendour
People who respect their gift
Money isnt all important
The environment
Gives them their lift

To the CCP your greed
Is awful
Your arrogance is totally
At odds with passion
Pure and simple
Leave them alone
Let them be free

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