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It is love

Jetster a male cat Sufficiently mentioning His needs apparently Life kind of censoring Close to his lady A meeting of minds No truer perspective A glance at the signs His pattern of living Habitually Getting up hunting Sleeping a free … Continue reading

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Fire energy

Fire energy Pure crimson Magical desire Leaves of burnished copper Alchemy it’s higher Up the greatest rainbow To the land of fey Rays of real magenta vast vermilion Down your way

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Of so much worth

Fruiting bodies Frame and sigh Underneath a bright blue sky Simplicity in gorgeous throw Where mints do mingle And just grow Collectively on sacred earth A herbal embrace Of so much worth

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Green tranquility

A great mirror to the sky In a green desiring link You may ask me why Looking at it think How beautiful How marvellous no truer At my door Beauty is the beholder For the want of more

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Camouflage in wildness

Camouflage The goddess created Forests bark boughs So stated Feathers wild garb What we see Is disappearing on a tree No trees left No where to hide A kind of wild bird Suicide.

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Heavy Raindrops

Heavy Raindrops drenched in hail Spring flowers buffeted might they fail Elegant tulips blossoms glow It’s cold enough it seems to snow A sky of porridge dripping grey Beech leaves born this month The day Welcomes coppery Lacey leaves The … Continue reading

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Autumn leaves

A smudged ink sky of dormancy, Stared down upon us we Walking through a tree lined path All leaning touchingly A leaf of marvellous pattening An otorongo came to mind Able to interpret a likeness well defined All those avid … Continue reading

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Holly berries

Out in Oxfordshire yesterday Peace ruled the roost Hamlets we passed through Getting a boost From the rural commitment The historic past The meandering hedgerows And the Holly that cast All those crimson berries Set now to last Till Yule

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Grape leaves

packed with lots of vitamins and minerals galore loves the actual sunshine really just wants more clambers over all sorts of trees the  sun is Its desire creeping tenrils smother in those energetic leaves a fire three to  five lobe … Continue reading

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Rubus 3

A Rose by any other name a trailing perennial, she grows well with abundance its how we all could be She was  given a truthers spell in her second year bears fruit with barbs that signify caution at her root … Continue reading

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Often taken for granted

Mid way through October And often what we take For granted are the leaves Thats rustle and that shake The veracity of Nature A compendium so clear Colours changing everywhere From bloodlessness to cheer Flush and blush and glow and … Continue reading

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