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Reed Beds

To the outside world, She comes across as a busy body but she Is actually conscientious A true friend generally The Water Rail a handsome little bird Who really cares She struts about and just Shouts out Answering the prayers … Continue reading

Field theory

The contraption was huge Like a mountain of metal wheels turning and tearing The grass at my feet Stretching the corn Breaking it frighteningly It rolled towards me Coughing out heat Its rumble like thunder What was it I wonder … Continue reading

The little dachshund

I do so love my Teddy My protector and my friend i like him in my bed with me His cuddliness does send Me back into sweet raptures He is soft and never snores I really love him with all … Continue reading

Unit 731

It’s hard to come to terms with those Who experiment on human kind Hatred and pure wickedness The iniquity of the sinful mind Degeneration depravity Flagitiousness and villainy Malevolent outrageous perverted Vilest infamy In war time people sink into An … Continue reading

Just a bit of nonsense ( I have written too many serious poems lately)

a relaxation excercise 4 me Continue reading

Regal Fiction

whose real, who knows? Continue reading