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Often taken for granted

Mid way through October And often what we take For granted are the leaves Thats rustle and that shake The veracity of Nature A compendium so clear Colours changing everywhere From bloodlessness to cheer Flush and blush and glow and … Continue reading

Blue dress saga 23

They were blind  they were helpless their little spines soft 3 tiny babies  we held them aloft our eye sight was not that great we don’t see the light in my compost heap palace and all this in spite of … Continue reading

Insufficient evidence

Insufficient evidence That’s the judgement here A lack of understanding Of the foresight and the fear We who are the wild ones Birds and mammals we Will suffer as life gets tougher Than we every hoped it could be An … Continue reading

Unfeeling is it an illness who can say

Hardness as a rock A piece of concrete or cement Shatterproof and fortified Hardly heaven sent Something to be kicked along Without a vital force Meaningless composure Nothing at its source Can we describe Those torturers Who apparently Can come … Continue reading


Ashridge draws its splendour From the woodland Where the mammals play And foresters complain The damage sometimes done to trees By deer and also squirrels Every day their plea’s There is a healthy balance We must take a broader view … Continue reading


I be the hedgerow rover A spiny fellow who Frequents the thorny Hazels and the berried holly too I am pretty slow at running Dreaming is my thing Nocturnally I get about To the countryside I bring A ball of … Continue reading

Hyoscyamus Niger

On chalk or sand It sinks its roots The taste of salt It feels and needs Its stems will thicken And branch and grasp A pale green hair strewn Malodorous ask Culpeper talked of Saturn’s Folly From Now its flowers … Continue reading

Woodland friends

Little souls of the woodland ways Entities that always raise A stir within the forests dark Small ofcourse but who leave their mark Confrontations ofcourse they be And originality Deers may clip the seedlings trying Rabbits squirrels voles and mice … Continue reading

The forest of angels

Behold the timeless forest Great drama we may see The players clad in their own skins Coming out to be Themselves among the sentinels The dancing spirits who Shake their leaves like tambourines To the beat thats often true There … Continue reading


I may be a simple fellow From your garden maybe so But i do have a place in life I thought you ought to know Its an ignorant misnomer Designed to carry strife For the victimization of an innocent Going … Continue reading